Which Bob’s Burgers Character Are You?

which Bob's Burgers character are you

Are you a fan of the TV show “Bob’s Burgers”? If so, you’ve likely been entertained by the adventures of the Belcher family. There’s a charm in every episode that keeps viewers coming back for more. As you’re about to take our quiz, you’re probably wondering the main keyword question: Which Bob’s Burgers character are you?

Dishing Out The Belcher Family 

The series orbits around the Belcher Family, where each member has an unusual and unique personality.

  • Bob Belcher: The patriarch of the family. Bob is hardworking, sometimes a bit serious, but always dedicated to his family and his burger joint. He’s a man of simple tastes but has a passion for creating the best burgers in town.
  • Linda Belcher: Bob’s enthusiastic and ever-supportive wife. She’s optimistic, musical, and always ready to burst into song. Linda sees the positive in every situation and encourages her children to be true to themselves.
  • Tina Belcher: The eldest daughter, Tina, is a teenager going through the throes of adolescence. She’s socially awkward but has a heart of gold and an undying love for horses and writing “erotic friend fiction.”
  • Gene Belcher: The middle child Gene is outgoing and embraces his weirdness. He loves music and often provides comic relief with his keyboard and offbeat sense of humor.
  • Louise Belcher: The youngest of the trio, Louise is a firecracker. She’s witty, cunning, and often hatches schemes, but deep down, she has a soft side, especially for her family.

Identifying with a character is about shared hobbies or likes and matching with their core beliefs, aspirations, and even their flaws. As you read through the personalities of the Belcher family, did any character feel like a reflection of you?

Quiz Teaser

Are you the ambitious and creative Bob, the ever-optimistic Linda, the awkward yet endearing Tina, the unique and musical Gene, or the clever and mischievous Louise? Analyze your personality traits and preferences to uncover the answer to the burning question: Which Bob’s Burgers character are you?

While this TV show is a delightful blend of humor and heart, its characters also offer insights into different personality types. You’ll learn something new about yourself by relating to a certain character.

For a fun challenge, don’t miss out on our Bob’s Burgers Trivia Quiz! Test your knowledge and see how well you truly know the Belcher’s.


“Bob’s Burgers” provides viewers with a window into the lives of characters who, despite their differences, always come together as a family. Think about the moments that made you laugh, cry, or nod in agreement. By taking our quiz, you can be matched with Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, or Louise.



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