Full House Quiz: Absolute ’90s Nostalgia

full house quiz

If you grew up in the 90s, you surely know the Full House series very well. You probably remember the Tanner family and Uncle Jesse and Joey. You came home from school or work and the next episode of Full House was broadcast on TV. Beautiful carefree times, right? Thanks to the Full House quiz, you will be able to move back to the 90s, when the series was in its prime. You will remember the most important moments of the Full House, characters, and extraordinary plot elements.

Full House

The Full House series debuted in 1987 when Internet access was not as common as it is now. It was not possible to fire up Netflix and watch what you currently fancy. That is why the Full House series has accompanied millions of families around the world for many years.

The series was telling the story about the Tanner family, which included Danny and his three daughters - Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J. Full House begin its story with a tragedy - the mother of three daughters and Danny's wife died. The head of the family must now face all household chores. Since Danny is not sure he can handle it, he asks his friend Joey and his brother in law Jesse for help. Initially, the whole team is coping with the new responsibilities and the whole situation on average, but over time everything starts to work as it should and the family gets closer together. As the story progresses, more great characters appear, including Becky or Kimmy.

This is how people growing up in the 1990s got to know and become attached to the Tanner family and their friends. The Tanner family, like any other family, experiences its ups and downs, moments of happiness, and failure. The last episode of the series aired in 1995.

It cannot be denied that American series break all records when it comes to viewership. If you are a serial fanatic, you probably know one of the most popular series of recent years - The Office. If you ever get bored, then The Office quiz is another great resource of knowledge.

Full House Quiz

Did the Full House series only gain popularity because there was not much choice when it comes to TV shows in those days? Definitely not. Of course, thanks to the smaller number of series produced at that time compared to today's times, Full House had a better chance of "breaking out". However, the show was just fine. Well-created characters that together created the family atmosphere is the most important factor that made Full House a success. Full House is a series for the whole family. Each generation found something there that attracted them to the TV.

Enough of this nostalgia. Start the Full House quiz if you want to go back to those beautiful times for a moment and catch up on family meetings in front of the TV.