Which The Boys Character Are You?

which the boys character are you
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The Boys was a hit television show when it was released in 2019. Thanks to the success of the first season, the series is still in production. The third season was released in June 2022, with a fourth season coming soon. Which The Boys character are you? Any fan of the series would be interested in knowing which character they’d be. The series is known for having deep, authentic characters that are easy to care about.

Would you match with Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, Homelander, or Starlight? The quiz on this page will match your personality with one of the show’s characters. Answer the questions now to find out which The Boys character you’d be.

What Is The Boys?

The Boys is a popular television series produced in the United States. The premise was developed by Eric Kripke before the first season debuted on Amazon Prime Video. Kripke is also the director of another very popular series – Supernatural. Perhaps you’d like to know which Supernatural character you are, we’ve got such a quiz!

However, it should be noted that the show is based on the comic book by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis. The series is based on superheroes. The Boys stars some of the biggest names in the industry, including Karl Urban, Antony Starr, Jessie Usher, Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, and Jack Quaid.

The characters are based in a city where people with superpowers are idolized by the public. They work with Vought International to monetize their superpowers. It features two superhero groups, including the Seven and the Boys. The Boys are captained by Billy Butcher, who happens to hate people with superheroes.

The Seven are led by Homelander, who is unstable. The Boys is one of the most unique superhero television shows in recent years.

Popular The Boys Characters

Which The Boys character are you? The 2019 series has many popular characters. Billy Butcher, Homelander, Starlight, and Queen Maeve. Each character has unique powers and a distinguishable personality.

Billy Butcher

Karl Urban stars as Billy Butcher. Billy is one of the most important characters in the series since he leads The Boys. The SAS operative is unmatched in terms of skill. He also has a burning hated from people with superpowers. In particular, he despises Homelander, who he blames for the disappearance of his wife. The character is more grounded than Homelander since the latter is considered a loose cannon.


Homelander is played by Antony Starr. The character is probably the most popular because he is unhinged. He is also the leader of the Seven. The company portrays him as a noble hero, but he is the opposite behind closed doors. Homelander is tasked with protecting people, but he doesn’t genuinely care about any of them.

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve is a member of the Seven. She has been with the group for a long time. The character, which is played by Dominique McElligott, has superhuman durability and strength. Initially, Maeve was adamant about protecting innocent lives. However, she has become burnt out on the job and is disillusioned. In particular, she lost her passion for the Seven’s mission when the organization didn’t properly handle the 9/11 attacks.

Hughie Campbell

Hughie is a civilian technician whose girlfriend lost her life in an accident involving The Seven Reggie Franklin (A-Train). He decided to join The Boys’ effort to collapse the Vought, more specifically A-Train.

Hughie grows a deep connection to Starlight. Working alongside barbaric Billy Butcher, Hughie grows more cutthroat and egomaniacal by the day.

Discover Your ‘The Boys’ Character Match

The Boys cast is comprised of egoistical, unprincipled, and unscrupulous characters. With this said, some people may feel a connection to at least one of the characters. 

Whether you sympathize with Billy Butcher, Starlight, or Queen Maeve or desire to be them, it is understandable. As Amazon Studios’ “most watched” series, it is apparent millions are tuning in.

There is a little bit of everyone in The Boys’ characters. Which The Boys character are you? Take the quiz to find out. Get ready, because it’s about to get super exciting!



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