Which Frozen Character Are You? Personality Match

which frozen character are you

Inspired by the fairy tale about The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, the film "Frozen" is a real masterpiece not only for the youngest. This movie has everything you expect from a Disney movie - beautifully crafted artwork, perfectly selected songs, and, above all, great characters. It is the heroes that we will focus on today. Which character of "Frozen" do you think would suit you best in terms of personality? Will you be a nice and sensitive Princess Anna, a cheerful Olaf, or a caring and controlled Elsa? What do you think, which Frozen character are you?

The fairy-tale story about two sisters - Elsa and Anna, shows what true and genuine love for one's neighbor should be. The film shows this using the example of various characters and their mutual relations. Frozen became an absolute hit on its premiere, finally becoming the highest-grossing animated film in cinema's history. Additionally, awarded with two Oscar statuettes, it turned out to be a real bull's eye.

The heroes of "Frozen" are presented amazingly. Both sisters have clear and interesting characters. On the one hand, Anna - vivacious and a bit "clumsy," and on the other, Elsa - older sister, serious and balanced, Anna's counterweight. However, we cannot stop at only two sisters because Frozen is full of other, equally interesting characters.

Which Frozen Character Are You?

Apart from the sisters, Disney's production is full of fascinating and charismatic characters. It is impossible not to mention Olaf, Kristoff, Idun, Hans, and Sven here. So let's get acquainted with the personalities of the above ones.


Elsa is a caring, haughty, somewhat inaccessible queen. After the incident with her sister, she became withdrawn and began to live in fear and insecurity. Elsa is sensitive to other people. Elsa's character is really caring; she cares for her family and her kingdom, which seems to be more than just a place for her.


Anna is a bit childish, very optimistic, and caring. It is also distinguished by eccentricity, awkwardness, far from being elegant. He often acts first and then thinks, which shows that he is an impulsive person. Besides, she is fearless, tenacious, and she is never losing faith.


Olaf is a bit goofy and naive, but at the same time very kind and caring towards his friends. Snowman is a character that causes a huge smile on everyone's face, is giggling, and quite childish.


Kristoff is a loner type, an individualist. He can be grumpy and a bit selfish, as well as a bit lazy. Despite his flaws, he has an enormous heart and sympathy. Moreover, he is straightforward, courageous, sincere, and strong, and in addition, he has a faithful "steed."


Sven is a reindeer, but as it happens in fairy tales - not an ordinary reindeer. He is incredibly faithful, a bit childish. Perhaps Sven doesn't look extremely intelligent, but he has a powerful moral character. Constantly motivates heroes to do good deeds or other equally important behavior.

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