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The 100 is a TV series that premiered in 2014. It is airing on The CW, and currently, you can watch it on Netflix. This series was created based on the book of the same name, written by Kass Morgan. The 100 is developed by Jason Rothenberg. The leading roles were played by, among others, Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), or Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake. Shortly after the premiere, the series became very popular due to the fact that it tells an exciting story about our planet, and the fate of its characters is extremely fascinating. If you are one of The 100 fans and have already seen all the seasons broadcast so far, then you definitely need to test your knowledge about this television series in The 100 quiz!

The 100 – Uninhabited Earth?

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic series telling the story of a group of people who, due to a radioactive disaster, reside in orbit of the Earth. Return to the home planet is impossible at that moment. People living in orbit in a “home” created from a cluster of space stations and satellites are convinced that life on Earth is impossible due to too much radiation. However, are they right? In the first episode of the series, they send 100 people to Earth who were locked up in a space prison for criminal offenses. This is where their adventure begins. It turns out that life on Earth is possible, but instead of radiation, other dangers are awaiting them. Clarke Griffin is quickly becoming the leader of the hundred, and nobody expects what will happen next.

The 100 – Our Opinion

The 100 is a series mainly aimed at teenagers, but adults will also find something for themselves. The fascinating story of uninhabited Earth and the adventures of the characters in the series attracted many people to the TV. Watching the next episode was so addictive that most people watched season after season in a few days. The 100 is a science fiction series so it won’t suit everyone.

The idea of ​​the series is very good. Everyone watched the first and subsequent seasons with curiosity, waiting for what would happen soon. However, the series has many shortcomings, and the following seasons become monotonous. The first few seasons of The 100 made sympathy for the series and its characters. However, this was only the case for the first 3 or 4 seasons.

The following seasons were made by force. The series contains an exciting plot instead of telling more about what will happen on Earth, how technology will develop, and whether the characters will be able to build a new home on their home planet. The creators, however, focused more on the threads of struggle, violence, and struggle of different cultures.

The second downside of the series is the illogical moments. A group of teenagers was sent to Earth without access to any “Earth” devices of daily necessity. And what do we see? With each subsequent episode, the characters are shaved, and their haircut looks perfect, as if they just left the hairdresser. Despite living in entirely different worlds, the characters look better than some actors in the Riverdale series.

The 100 becomes a little illogical at some point, and the most exciting part is: where do the characters get their weapons from? This is not even about ordinary pistols but advanced weapons such as rifles and sound wave throwers.

To sum it up, The 100 is a series with an exciting idea and interestingly realized. This TV show has many shortcomings and illogical facts. However, in general, this series is worth watching because it tells a great story and stimulates our imagination: “what if I was one of The 100?”.

If you’ve just finished watching the series and feel the incredible emptiness associated with parting with the series’ characters, then The 100 quiz will be the best move to take right now!

If you’ve already come across Quizondo, then you are probably a big fan of The 100, you have already watched all seasons, and you do not know what to do with yourself; you feel empty. Start the quiz and test your knowledge of The 100, thanks to which you will be able to recall the most important moments of the series and some of the characters. You might also want to check which The 100 character you are.

The 100 Quiz – How to Play?

The 100 Quiz contains a series of questions about the show, starting from the very beginning of the TV show and ending with the events of the last broadcast season. If you watched this series carefully, then you should get at least 10 points on this quiz. Some of the questions are tricky, so think carefully before answering. The quiz contains 15 questions, each divided chronologically. Are you ready to fight for the Earth? Don’t waste more time, because radiation can kill you! Start the quiz now and find out if you’re one of The Grounders!



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