QUIZ: Which ‘The 100’ Character Are You?

which the 100 character are you
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Imagine that one day you wake up in a space station far from home, far from Earth. After a while, you are sent to your planet, but nothing is the same as before. You have to fight for survival. The heroes of The 100, a series that strongly stimulates the imagination, grapples with such problems. Which The 100 character are you? Which of the clans would you like to belong to? To the icy Azgeda, or maybe more to the people of the desert - Sankru? Everything is now in your hands, and it's up to you to save your planet and win the fight to the death. Perhaps you'd rather become the leader of Wonkru and merge all clans into one? You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.

The 100 is a great stimulus to the imagination. After all, everyone who watched the series would like to be among the main characters for a moment and experience their ills. Unfortunately, we only have to dream. The only way to get even a little closer to the characters is to solve the quiz that answers the question: "Which The 100 Character Are You?". This is a fascinating quiz, thanks to which you will be able to move to Earth, even for a moment. A land that is no longer the same. A land inhabited by clans that are unknown to us. You will learn which character from The 100 you are and be able to help save the Earth.

Which The 100 Character Are You?

"The 100" characters are extremely diverse in terms of nature and appearance. The producers and writers made sure that we could identify with one of our favorite characters. Which character from The 100 do you think you are? The brave and sensible Clarke, or maybe the uncouth and reckless Octavia? Perhaps a sly and sneaky Murphy? Today you will find out which character from The 100 is your soulmate.


The main character of the series. Stubborn, determined, and incredibly intelligent. Clarke is a born leader, capable of anything when it comes to the safety of her loved ones.


From the very beginning, he takes over the leadership role. Bellamy is caring and persistent. He is one of the characters that has undergone the greatest transformation in the entire series. A tough guy who always thinks soberly. Regardless of adversities, he can almost always find a way out of even the worst situation.


Octavia is a crude and very confident girl. It stands out above all for its self-confidence and spontaneity. He is the first person to set foot on Earth. Not infrequently, he does not control his emotions.


An outsider who knows her profession. Raven is strong-willed and is not afraid to break the rules when the need arises. She is extremely intelligent and temperamental. She's a lot like Clarke.

John Murphy

He seems confused at first glance, but he is actually a very strong person. Murphy is also a character who has undergone a massive personality change over time. At first, he doesn't care about anything, but with time he shows his true face.

Of course, this is only a small part of the characters from The 100. The series is so varied in terms of the cast that it is impossible to list all the characters that stand out. You can be sure the quiz has a lot more personalities included. Answer a few short questions, and you will finally find out which character from The 100 you are.



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