Which Wednesday Character Are You?

which wednesday character are you

Wednesday is a popular hit released on the Netflix streaming platform. The streaming series is based on the Addams family, with Wednesday being the lead. The series stars Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers. Which Wednesday character are you?

The series was a hit because fans easily related to the main characters. While Wednesday was the most popular, fans also loved Larissa Weems, Donovan Galpin, Tyler Galpin, and Enid Sinclair. Which character do you think you’d be if you were a part of the television series?

More About Wednesday

Wondering what to watch on Netflix? Look no further! Wednesday is the unmissable series that’s perfect for turning any ordinary day into an extraordinary one. It is based on the Addams Family, which is a cult classic. The first season of Wednesday was released on November 23, 2022, on Netflix. It received positive reviews from fans and critics. Most were impressed with the performance by Jenna Ortega. The series was nominated for two Golden Globes.

In January 2023, it was announced that Wednesday had been renewed for another season. The series follows Wednesday after she is expelled from school. She is sent to Nevermore Academy by her parents. Soon, Wednesday finds herself trying to solve a string of murders in Jericho, Vermont.

The series had a handful of relatable characters, with Wednesday being the most popular. Other fun characters were Enid Sinclair, Bianca Barclay, and Xavier Thorpe.

The Characters

Wednesday had a fun story, beautiful scenery, and many great characters. You’re probably wondering which one you’d be. Would you be Wednesday, Valerie, Donovan, or Enid? Which character best matches your personality? Learn more about these characters before finishing our quiz.


Wednesday Addams is a teenage girl with psychic powers. The character is played by Jenna Marie Ortega. After being expelled from school, Wednesday is forced to go to Nevermore Academy, where she meets other teens with superpowers. She is mischievous and incredibly wise. Wednesday ends up rooming with Enid Sinclair, who is the polar opposite of her.

Enid Sinclair

Although Wednesday was popular, many fans connected more with Enid Sinclair, who is played by Emma Myers. The character is bubbly and fun. She can be so optimistic that she is sometimes obnoxious. When Wednesday arrives at Nevermore Academy, Enid tries to make her feel at home. Unfortunately, Enid receives a cold reception. She doesn’t let this stop her, though. She continues working hard to try to befriend Wednesday.

Xavier Thorpe

Xavier was treated harshly in the first season of Wednesday because he was often portrayed as the bad guy. However, the tortured artist was loved by many fans of the series. Xavier is unique because he can make his art come to life. Despite being treated harshly, Xavier strives to befriend Wednesday.

Dr. Valerie Kinbott

Wednesday’s mischievous activities land her in therapy, an order of the Jericho Court. Not too thrilled with the punishment, Wednesday is forced to spill her guts to Dr. Kinbott.

Dr. Kinbott is a kind-hearted character. Her primary goal is to get to the root of what contributes to Wednesday’s odd behavior. Unfortunately for Kinbott, she is believed to be a murderer by no other than Wednesday. 

Which Wednesday Character Are You?

Each member of the Addams family has unique capabilities. One thing they all have in common is their quirky persona. The black-and-white television series has undergone several adaptations and spin-offs.

Which Wednesday character are you? Take the quiz to find it. Only a few questions will help determine if you are Wednesday, Donovan Galpin, Larissa Weems, Xavier Thorpe, Dr. Valerie Kinbott, or Enid Sinclaire.



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