Which “Parks and Rec” Character Are You?

which parks and rec character are you

'Parks and Recreation' is without hesitation one of the greatest comedies of all time. The seemingly banal series about local government has been breaking popularity records for over a decade. Which Parks and Recreation character is your favorite? Which person do you identify with the most? You would certainly like to find out which character fits your personality best. If you worked in the City Hall in Parks and Recreation department, who would you be? Which Parks and Rec character are you? Optimistic deputy director Leslie Knope? Or perhaps the grumpy Ron Swanson, the owner of a large mustache?

Of course, the colorful staff of the Parks and Recreation Department does not end with these characters. Parks and Recreation has a host of iconic and distinctive characters that will be remembered. It is impossible not to mention here the assistant of Leslie - Tom Haverford, or a devoted associate of Jerry Gergich, or Donna Meagle, tied to her Mercedes.

If you were sure that you would wake up in Pawnee tomorrow as one of the Parks and Recreation Department workers, who would you like to be? This question is certainly not the easiest one, as each actor played the role of an employee so well that it is difficult to choose one favorite character. Therefore "which Parks and Rec character are you" is a great quiz to help you make your choice!

Which Parks and Rec Character Are You?

Without a doubt, the greatest strength of 'Parks and Recreation' are the great main characters. This is such a characteristic group of characters that choosing your favorite one is a challenging task. Don't worry; today, you will find out which Parks and Rec character is the perfect match for your personality. However, before we get to the quiz itself, let's refresh ourselves with the most iconic characters of the series. And to think that it all started with the idea of The Office spin-off...

Leslie Knope

The main character of the series could not be missing here. Leslie is a person with an absurd sense of mission, with a great need to fix the world around her. Additionally, Knope has enormous ambitions, and her goal is to become the president, which equates to becoming the first female president.

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson is a cult character. An eternally grumpy face and a large, characteristic mustache. It's all Ron. He is characterized by a rather specific approach to some matters. Ron is the perfect example of a true patriot. The United States is an ideal country for him. He may seem very masculine, but he is actually very soft.

Ann Perkins

Nurse and best friend of the main character - Leslie Knope. Ann is one of the incredibly open and optimistic people. She helps Leslie in many situations when she is depressed with the sheer volume of matters and responsibilities. At work, she is warm, friendly, and sometimes awkward.

Tom Haverford

Administrator in the Department of Parks and Recreation in the city of Pawnee. Tom is very confident, thinks he knows everything - he is incredibly conceited. His personality is very sarcastic that is very hard to sense. Haverford is an example of a character that has a depth that you just need to understand.

Donna Meagle

Donna is the office manager. She is an example of a very confident, selfish, and somewhat egoist character. How else to name a person who loves her Mercedes more than life? Apart from the car, she also loves her clothes and… that would be it. Incredibly cheeky, but also smart and intelligent.

How to Play The Quiz?

The above-mentioned characters are only a small part of the ones you can find in the quiz. So if you don't see your favorite in the list above, it's okay. He's definitely among the pool.

What do you think, which Parks and Rec character are you? As you answer each question in the quiz, you'll feel like one of the Parks and Rec staff, and you'll feel a Pawnee-like atmosphere. All you have to do is answer a few interesting questions, and you will finally find out which Parks and Rec character you are. Nothing easier. Ready?



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