Schitt’s Creek Quiz: Can You Get At Least 8/10?

schitt's creek quiz
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Schitt's Creek is another sitcom that is enjoying great popularity. You are certainly one of those people who are looking forward to the next season of this great series and you have no idea how to make this time pleasant. The Schitt's Creek quiz comes to the rescue, thanks to which you will remember the most important scenes, characters, and, in general, the entire plot of the series.

Imagine having to put yourself in the shoes of Johnny Rose, who loses all his fortune and has to live in the small town he once bought for a joke. Would you be acting the same as Johnny and his family, or would you try to rebuild your fortune somehow? Well, this scenario is rather unrealistic, but it's nice to let your imagination run wild.

Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek premiered in 2015 on CBC. The series was created by father and son, Eugene and Dan Levy. Schitt's Creek broke an absolute record at the 2020 Emmy Awards. Because the work of Dan and Eugene Levy won as many as nine awards in comedy categories, breaking the record of the previous record-holder "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ".

Schitt's Creek is an excellent series in which every comedy fan will find something for themselves. Despite numerous awards and positive reviews from critics, the series still has not gained the popularity it deserves. The decisive fact is that Schitt's Creek deserves a lot more recognition. The characters of the series are perfect, especially the characters of David and Moira. Schitt's Creek appeared on Netflix a while ago, so perhaps this is a milestone for the show. The series is really worth recommending and will certainly make you unable to tear yourself away from the TV.

Finally, if you are one of the lucky ones and you know the Schitt's Creek series very well, then you should test your knowledge of the series. The Schitt’s Creek quiz is a brilliant knowledge test that will also check if you watched the show with proper attention. On the other hand, if you haven't heard of this excellent series yet, consider yourself lucky too. Many people, after watching the entire series, would like to erase it from their minds just to be able to watch it again. Schitt's Creek is available on Netflix, so nothing prevents you from taking a moment of free time and starting a long seance.

Comedy series don't always make us laugh. Some of them make us more embarrassed. If we laugh at them, it is more laughter through tears. Luckily, we only focus on series that are absolute hits and everyone wants to watch them over and over again! Therefore, if we are already on the topic of comedy, it is impossible not to mention The Office quiz. This series is, like Schitt's Creek, an absolute killer!

Schitt's Creek Quiz - How to Play?

The quiz consists of 10 questions. To get the best score you need to know Schitt's Creek by heart. If you think you are the biggest fan of the show and started watching it before it appeared on Netflix then you have a chance to score a high score. Johnny Rose and his wife and children are counting on you! Good luck!



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