Which 30 Rock Character Are You? Find Your 100% Match!

Which 30 Rock character are you

Which 30 Rock character are you? Complete the quiz to find out whether you match Liz Lemon, Tracy Jordan, Jack Donaghy, Jenna Maroney, or others.

Certain sitcoms are hilarious. They’re so funny that people continue repeating jokes from the show years after the last episode has aired. Some shows that match this description include Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Full House, and 30 Rock. The latter may be the show that helped kick-start the genre and paved the way for others. Despite being older than the rest, many people have continued streaming 30 Rock today.

Even though it is a comedy, 30 Rock is based on the life experiences of Tina Fey. The show’s concept is equally interesting since the name refers to NBC’s studio in New York City. Which 30 Rock character are you? Your attitude may align well with Tracy Jordan, Liz Lemon, or Pete Hornberger.

Learning About 30 Rock

30 Rock is an old television show that first aired on NBC on October 11, 2006. The show was very successful for many years, with the last episode airing on January 31, 2013. Again, the concept of the show is unique because it retells Tina Fey’s experience when she was a head writer for the hit TV show Saturday Night Live. It follows the characters behind the scenes of SNL. The show’s name refers to the address of NBC Studios in New York City, where SNL is filmed.

Thanks to its witty humor, 30 Rock was a hit right out of the gate. It proved to have impressive staying power since it remained on the air through seven seasons. In total, the show had 139 episodes, with the last episode airing on January 31, 2013. Which 30 Rock Character are you? After you’ve finished this hilarious series, you’ll be ready to find out.

30 Rock’s Iconic Characters Made The Difference

30 Rock broke records as a critically acclaimed comedy. It earned a record-breaking 22 Primetime Emmy Award nominations in 2009. This was all in part thanks to the huge personalities of the characters that showed up week in and week out. They always brought their biggest personalities and A-game.

Kenneth Parcell

It was Kenneth’s fun-witted and loveable nature that made him a quick standout character. His personality was always agreeable and open to negotiation. He would be one of the first ones to open his mind to other people’s beliefs. Unfortunately, this made him seem like a whipping boy at times, and some could easily take advantage of him. However, Kenneth’s personality was much wiser, and this was just part of his charm.

Tracy Jordan

No one could mention 30 Rock without mentioning the huge personality of Tracy Jordan. Tracy is the pampered movie star personality that is used to getting everything he wants, when he wants it, despite just being a B-list movie star. 

Tracy Jordan would best be described as a cross between a modern Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry mixture.

Are You A 30 Rock Character? Find Out By Completing The Quiz!

30 Rock is known for its charismatic, energetic, and outgoing characters. Hollywood’s top elite readily joined the cast, vowing to bring their characters to life in the pilot episode. In reality, it would take a few more episodes before viewers got to know each of 30 Rock’s protagonists and antagonists. 

It goes without saying, every film critic and fan has wanted to transform themselves into at least one fictional character. Liz Lemon is just one example. As a protagonist, Liz was two-faced about her daughter and friends. 

Which 30 Rock Character are you? This is something every hardcore fan has pondered at some point. Wonder no more when the quiz holds the answer you’ve been dying to know.



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