Which Descendants Character Are You?

which descendants character are you
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It’s undeniable: the world of Disney’s Descendants is magnetic. As an original musical fantasy, the film garnered attention from the moment it aired, capturing the interest of viewers worldwide. The central premise is exciting and innovative: exploring the lives of the children of Disney’s most infamous villains. So, which Descendants character are you? Maybe you’re the fierce and determined Mal or the loyal and kind-hearted Evie? Let’s dive into the magical realm of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost to find out.

The Origin of Descendants

Disney’s Descendants debuted on July 31, 2015, and quickly climbed the popularity charts. The film creatively told what happened after the “happily ever after” of many Disney classics. The focus shifted from the legendary heroes and heroines to their descendants and those of the villains. The story unfolds in the United States of Auradon, where King Beast and Queen Belle have united all kingdoms into one peaceful realm. But, the children of villains are exiled to the Isle of the Lost, isolated and magic-free.

With its ingenious storyline, Descendants’ success wasn’t surprising. The franchise eventually expanded, including sequels, a series, and tons of merchandise. Which Descendants character are you? It’s a question that keeps fans engaged long after the end credits roll.

Unveiling Key Characters

Descendants’ charm largely comes from its cast, bringing a fresh perspective to familiar tales.


Daughter of Maleficent, Mal is a leader at heart, showcasing strength, independence, and a complex moral compass. With her purple hair and edgy style, Mal is the quintessential rebel, wrestling between her villainous upbringing and her desire to fit into Auradon.


Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie, exudes grace and intelligence. She’s known for her fashion sense, but underneath the surface, she possesses a keen intellect and a heart of gold, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face.


The son of Cruella de Vil, Carlos initially fears dogs. Eventually, he warms up to them, showcasing his journey from fear to bravery. He’s tech-savvy, making him a valuable asset to the group and a contrast to his fashion-forward mother.


The agile and strong son of Jafar, Jay’s a natural at sports and has a mischievous streak. His charm often gets him out of tricky situations, and he evolves from a self-serving individual to a team player throughout the series.

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The Quest for Identity

Being a teen is all about finding yourself, and when you’re the offspring of a renowned villain, that journey is all the more intense. The characters in Descendants navigate adolescence, grapple with their legacies, and strive to carve out their paths. This resonates with viewers, as everyone initially wrestles with expectations, history, and personal aspirations.

Ready to Find Out?

Every Descendants enthusiast has surely envisioned themselves as a part of this world. Which Descendants character mirrors your spirit and traits? Which one would be your sidekick or nemesis? Finding your match is an exciting adventure. So, are you prepared to discover which Descendants character you are? The answers await, and the magic is just beginning.



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