Can You Solve This Criminal Minds Quiz?

criminal minds quiz

How much do you know about Criminal Minds? CBS’s hit series describes the work of an elite FBI group that deals with the creation of psychological profiles of criminals, specifically serial killers. Have you watched every episode of the show? Would you like to test your knowledge? You’ve come to the right place. The Criminal Minds quiz is a great test about the series created by Jeff Davis. 

This quiz will tell you if you watched the TV show with proper attention. If you consider yourself one of the biggest fans of the series, and each episode of it absorbed you completely, then you should get the perfect score on the Criminal Minds quiz!

Criminal Minds

The series tells the story of a special FBI unit called BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) that deals with cases of serial killers. The task of this unit is to create the most accurate psychological profile of the perpetrator of a given crime. That is why people dealing with this faculty are called “profilers.”

The series was first broadcast in 2005, and so far, it has had a trifle of 15 seasons. The last season aired in 2020. So, after 15 years, Criminal Minds is finally over. Many people cannot accept that the series is over, so they are looking for all sorts of ways to move to the world of brilliant FBI specialists for a while.

Criminal Minds quiz is definitely for anyone who is a big fan of the show and would like to prove in some way that they watched it with sufficient attention.

It would seem that the job of a criminal profiler is nothing because how can you find a murderer without knowing what he looks like? Nothing could be more wrong. Criminal Minds specialists can solve even very difficult cases, having really little data on the killer. An elite group of profilers, i.e., FBI agents, can even penetrate the perpetrator’s mind and, on the basis of seemingly insignificant details, develop his psychological profile, which later leads them to solve the case and capture the killer.


Criminal Minds series wouldn’t exist without great characters. It is mainly thanks to the actors who play their roles very well that we want to continue watching the TV show. The BAU unit’s main members are Jason Gideon, Aaron Hotch, David Rossi, Elle Greenaway, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, and Dr. Spencer Reid. Of course, as the show’s story unfolded, some of the cast changed. Some people disappeared from the series only to return in a few seasons.

A Critical Review

In the case of many TV series, we have the so-called “falling.” With each season of the series, the plot begins to lengthen, and the creators drag it out in all possible ways. Be calm. It won’t happen in Criminal Minds; it is the opposite. The series level does not drop at all, and with each season, the series gets better and better. Criminal Minds is a great psychological series full of puzzles and unexpected twists. The psychological approach of special agents from the BAU can teach us many behaviors and tricks.

Thanks to this series, we can feel like a real FBI agent. We can identify with the characters and the murder cases they solve. Criminal Minds is definitely a series worth recommending to all fans of such climates. It has won the People’s Choice Award: Favorite Television Crime Drama (2017) for a reason.

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How to Play the Criminal Minds Quiz?

During this quiz, you will have to play the role of a profiler. Only then you will manage to get the highest score possible. The quiz contains 15 questions. Each question will be full of riddles. If you think that you could join the team of special agents and, like them, solve even seemingly impossible cases, then you should try your hand at this quiz. Good luck!



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