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Let’s guess, you just watched Mean Girls and enjoyed the movie so much that you’d like to see if you watched it with enough attention to pass this quiz. This Mean Girls quiz will not be the easiest one because it is created by a die-hard fan who knows the movie by heart. The questions themselves have been designed to have you think about the answer for a long moment or go back to the given scene and try to recall it in your mind.

That said, you should try your knowledge with this trivia quiz. After completing it, you will learn a lot of exciting information about the movie that you may have missed while watching it.

Film Authors & Inspirations

Mean Girls is a teen comedy movie of American origin that was released in 2004. The director is Mark Waters, and the writer is Tina Fey. The film features Rachel McAdams, Ana Gasteyer, Lindsay Lohan, and Amy Poehler.

It has been created from Rosalind Wiseman’s non-fiction book of the year 2002, Queen bees and Wannabes, in which we find a description of the high school social standards of a female experienced at the Upper Darby High School from which a few concepts in the movie got inspired. This film showcased Amanda Seyfried, who made her debut in this film.

The producer of this film was Lorne Michaels, who created Saturday Night Live. The co-star and screenwriter of the film was a member of the cast for a long time and an SNL writer. It was shot in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, but a significant part of the film was set in Toronto, Canada. The filming started in September and ended in November in the year 2003. The second collaboration of Lohan was marked by the firm in the company of Waters, who directed Freaky Friday one year before this one.

What’s The Movie About?

Cady Heron is a sixteen-year-old girl who is doing her schooling from home. Her parents are zoologists known as Chip, and Betsy Heron. The family gets back to the United States just after they complete a research trip of twelve years in Africa and want to settle in Evanston, Illinois. The day she attended school for the first time, she tried to befriend many people but failed. On a subsequent day, she meets Damian Leigh and Janis Ian.

They help Cady in learning about the different standards of the school and ask her to stay away from the most unpopular as well as a popular one, namely the Plastics, which is headed by manipulative and beautiful queen bee Regina George and incorporates the very insecure but wealthy Gretchen Wieners and sweet but dumb Karen Smith. The plastics grow interested to know more about Cady when they defend her in opposition to a sexist classmate and send her an invitation for lunch. When he knew about the invitation, Janis asked Cady to be friends with them and to spy on them on her behalf.

As soon as Regina finally gets to know about the betrayal of Cady, she responds by distributing the content included in the Burn Book throughout the school, rapidly inciting massive brawls with social motivation. To avoid suspicion, a duplicate libel of herself is inserted by Regina inside the book so that she can put the blame on Cady, Karen, and Gretchen, who were the only female juniors not to get a mention in the book.

On getting shunned by their peers as well as grounded by their parents, Cady agrees to take the blame on herself. When the amends with Regina were made, she joined the Mathletes in the finals of the state-level championship to compensate for the tests in which she got failure.

Are You A Mean Girls Master? Take Our Highly Engaging Quiz

To play the Mean Girls quiz and win the examination with a high score, you must have good knowledge about the entire movie and all other essential components such as cast, characters, roles played, etc. The quiz consists of 15 objective-type questions that you must correctly answer to get a high score. The difficulty level of the questions is medium-high, but you might find the questions tricky at times. In other words, if you have watched Mean Girls at least ten times, then you may get a chance to get the perfect score.

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Questions Preview

1. How old was Cady when she went to school for the first time?
  1. 18
  2. 15
  3. 16
  4. 17
2. What continent did Cady spend 12 years on?
  1. Africa
  2. Australia
  3. Asia
  4. Europe
3. What color do Plastics wear on Wednesdays?
  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Green
  4. Pink
4. Who was the captain of the “Mathletes”?
  1. Kevin
  2. Tim
  3. Cady
  4. Tyler
5. What school do most of the film’s action take place in?
  1. North Shore High School
  2. Bayside High School
  3. McKinley High School
  4. Neptune High School
6. Who did Cady fall in love with?
  1. Damian
  2. Kevin
  3. Aaron
  4. Shane
7. What song did Damian sing during the Winter Talent Show?
  1. The Donnas - Dancing With Myself
  2. N.O.R.E. featuring Pharrell - Put 'Em Up
  3. P!nk - God Is A DJ
  4. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
8. What song did Plastics dance to during the Winter Talent Show?
  1. Last Christmas
  2. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  3. Jingle Bell Rock
  4. A Holly Jolly Christmas
9. When did Cady kiss Aaron for the first time?
  1. At the Spring Fling
  2. At school
  3. At home, while studying math
  4. In the lunch room
10. Who became the king and queen of the Spring Fling?
  1. Cady and Shane
  2. Cady and Aaron
  3. Regina and Aaron
  4. Gretchen and Shane
11. Which of the girls was not nominated for the title of the Spring Fling Queen?
  1. Gretchen
  2. Regina
  3. Janis
  4. Karen
12. Who was not mentioned in the Burn Book?
  1. Regina
  2. Janis
  3. Bethany
  4. Cady
13. Did Cady finally join Mathletes?
  1. Yes
  2. No
14. What did Cady do with the Spring Fling crown?
  1. She threw it in the trash
  2. She broke it
  3. She trampled it
  4. She lost it
15. Which school did Mathletes beat in the state championship finals?
  1. Marymount Prepatatory High School
  2. Eastern Technical High School
  3. Walt Whitman High School
  4. River Hill High School


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