Which New Girl Character Are You Most Like?

which New Girl character are you

Which New Girl character are you? If that's what you've been pondering of late, you're in the right place. We have put together a personality quiz that lets you know which one of the unhinged lunatics that star in this show shares your personality traits. Are you Jess, Nick, or CeCe? How about Coach, Winston, or Schmidt? Take our New Girl quiz to find out which character best suits you.

Background Information

Sharp, funny, and intelligent are just a few adjectives that can be used to describe the New Girl sitcom. Set in downtown Los Angeles, the series revolves around the lives of four unusual roommates as they struggle to make sense of life. The story begins with Jess, who ends up nearly becoming homeless due to past relationship woes. 

Luckily, she manages to link up with three men, Coach, Schmidt, and Nick, who agree to share their loft. In a nutshell, the warehouse apartment ends up becoming the center stage for all manner of drama as the key quarter runs riot in one space.

And while the show ended in 2018, we took the liberty of creating a New Girl fun quiz for anyone interested in reminiscing about the show.

Which New Girl Character Are You Most Like?

You have led a life full of chaos, but have you ever taken a moment to think about which popular TV show character handles life just like you do? We created this quiz to help you find answers to the question, "Which New Girl character are you?"

All you need to do is answer a handful of multiple-choice questions. The questions are simple and straightforward. Based on your responses, our system will automatically tell you which member of the New Girl cast shares the highest similarity score with you.

Some of the quiz questions are about your relationship choices and past life experiences. That said, we never ask you for any personally revealing info about yourself. We respect your privacy. All you get are thought-provoking questions that help our algorithms to understand you better.

After all, isn't the New Girl series all about celebrating life and its chaos?

The New Girl Quiz: A Little Warm Up

The good news is this test includes all the major characters in the New Girl series – not just the four who are always at the center of the action. In case you need to learn more about them, here are some quick facts about each one of them:

Jess: An adorable woman with a bubbly personality. She enjoys crafting and is determined to turn her life around against all odds. She's, however, clumsy and a little careless at times.

Nick: He's the Mr. Fixit of the gang. On the flip side, his DIY side notwithstanding, he often struggles with basic chores like cooking and cleaning. He is hilarious but somehow still the most grounded member of the team.

CeCe: A lovely and protective soul, CeCe stands out with her positive approach to life. She enjoys clubbing and is also a fitness freak. Above all, she is fond of offering relationship advice.

Schmidt: He is good-looking, muscular, and quite good at household chores. He takes great pride in his Jewish roots and seems to believe that he is the supremo at the loft. Despite being extremely well-built, he still harbors issues with his past obesity woes.

Coach: The coach is a former athlete who works as a personal trainer. He has had his fair share of relationship woes but wears a brave face in the midst of it all. He's well-built but level-headed.

Winston: The ex-basketball player has a deep love for turtles. He can be manipulative when necessary and unpredictable at times. Nonetheless, he is lovely and easy for other housemates to relate with.

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What To Expect From This Quiz

The quiz takes a few quick minutes to complete. Once completed, it generates detailed results that not only match you with the right New Girl show star but also tell you the exact characteristics you share with them. The results also give you some background information about your matching character and how that could potentially influence your life choices and even fate.

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