QUIZ: Which Heathers Character Are You?

which heathers character are you

Has this thought ever crossed your mind, “Which Heathers character are you?” If so, this quiz is your ticket to discovering the persona from the famed Heathers that lies within you. Those who have experienced the rollercoaster of Heathers, be it the original movie or its modern adaptations, are in for a real treat. Let’s discuss what Heathers is all about before you take the quiz.

Heathers – A Quick Overview

Heathers, a renowned dark comedy, showcases the complexities of high school social ladders, love stories, and theatrical twists. Located in the corridors of Westerburg High School, the story revolves around a group of popular girls, all bearing the name Heather. Their reign is tested by Veronica Sawyer and her enigmatic boyfriend, J.D., resulting in unexpected outcomes.

The film, which inspired several adaptations like a musical and TV series, explores the challenges of teenage relationships, conflicts of power, and acts of rebellion, offering viewers moments of both humor and reflection.

Since its debut, Heathers has grabbed the attention of viewers worldwide, making it fans’ favorite. Its unique storyline and unforgettable characters have etched its place in cinematic history.

Key Characters From Heathers

As you prep to find out which Heathers character mirrors your personality, let’s get acquainted with some of the central figures from this legendary saga:

Heather Chandler

 Heather Chandler is the leader of the Heathers. With her commanding presence and fierce demeanor, she often makes her wishes clear, setting the tone for the rest of the school. Love her or hate her, her influence is undeniable.

Veronica Sawyer 

Our protagonist, Veronica, is a member of the Heathers but eventually becomes disillusioned with their mean-spirited antics. Intelligent and resourceful, she strives to challenge the status quo but sometimes finds herself in over her head.


Jason Dean, better known as J.D., is a new student at Westerburg High. He quickly captures Veronica’s attention with his mysterious aura and rebellious tendencies. But as they say, there’s always more than meets the eye.

Heather McNamara

A kind-hearted member of the Heathers, Heather McNamara is often perceived as the most approachable of the trio. Despite her popularity, she battles her demons, highlighting the complexities of teenage life.

How to Take the Heathers Character Quiz?

Ready to unlock which Heathers persona matches yours? The quiz will lead you through various questions, painting a vivid picture of your personality. After completing the quiz, your responses will be analyzed in relation to the Heathers characters, culminating in revealing your match.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself pondering, “which Heathers character are you?” – now is your chance to discover. It’s that simple!

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