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When we think about sitcoms, each of us has our favorite one in front of our eyes. Friends? Full House? Not this time. Contrary to appearances, although somewhat forgotten, the Golden Girls attracted millions of viewers in front of TV sets. It's time for The Golden Girls Quiz.

The Golden Girls is a sitcom TV series that emerged in America. The creator of this series was Susan Harris, and this series was authentically released on NBC from 14th September 1985 till 9th May 1992. The episodes' duration was summed up to 180 hours, divided into seven seasons. The shows feature Betty White, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Beatrice Arthur as four old-aged women who share a bond of friendship and reside in Miami, Florida. The producer of this series was Harris/Witt/Thomas Productions, accompanied by Touchstone Television. The leading executive producers of this series were Tony Thomas and Paul Junger Witt.

So let's move on to the most important question: how well do you remember the Golden Girls? Have you followed each aired episode closely? Start the Golden Girls Quiz, and you'll find out everything.

The Golden Girl got typical acclaim across its run and acquired many awards, such as the Primetime Emmy Award for the Excellent Comedy Series, not just once but twice. It was also thrice awarded with the Golden Globe Awards For the Best TV Series-Comedy or Music. Each one of the four stars was awarded the Emmy, which makes it one of the four sitcoms in the history of awards for achieving this. This series also gained a position amongst the Top 10 series listed by Nielsen for a total of six out of the seven seasons. It was also ranked 54 by TV Guide in its list of 60 best series in the year 2013. In 2014, this sitcom was positioned by the writers guild of America on rank 69, where they enlisted the 101 top-rated TV series.

Stars like Mery Griffin, Alex Trebek, Jeane Dixon, Edwin Newman, Sony Bono, Julio Iglesias, Bob Hope, and Burt Reynolds had a guest appearances in different episodes. Quentin Tarantino, an award-winning film director, experienced one of his first financed acting credits in the series where he played Elvis impersonator at the second wedding of Sophia. Billy Barry played Rose's father, Edgar Lindstrom, in a dream series in the episode "A Little Romance" of season 1.

In the episode "Dorothy's Prized Pupil" of the second season, the audience finds Mario Lopez appearing as Mario, a Hispanic boy taught by Dorothy, until he is disclosed to be an illegal immigrant. Jenny Lewis, a musician, made an appearance as a child actress in the show season 3.

Our Opinion

The Golden Girls was a sitcom show released in the summer season of the year 2003 in New York City at the Turn theatre of Rose in the western part of the village, and it continued till November of that year. There was an end to the production because the production team saw a failure in securing the rights and received a desist order from the people who created the original TV show. The cast comprised all male members and had two consecutive sitcom episodes. The entire cast of the Golden Girls, including Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche, has been immortalized in two different puppy shows named That Golden Girls Show: A Puppet Parody and Thank You for Being A Friend.

What series do you think of when you think of four friends? We're not talking about the Golden Girls here. If you know the answer to this question, the Sex and The City Quiz is open!

Can You Ace The Golden Girls Quiz With Ease?

The Golden Girls quiz is not very difficult to play. If you are a regular viewer of this sitcom series, you might not face many difficulties in playing the quiz, and scoring good points can be easy for you. This quiz comprises 10-20 questions related to this TV series's seven seasons. Start the quiz and check if you still remember everything. You may need a rerun of the show.



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