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which golden girl are you
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“The Golden Girls” is the 80s, off-the-chart sitcom. The plot is about four middle-aged women living under the same roof. Each woman has a unique personality, some of which stand out more than others. Americans fell in love with the divorced and widowed ensemble cast without weeks of the September 14, 1985 premiere. The Which Golden Girl Are You Quiz delivers the most accurate answer in minutes.

About The Golden Girls

Set in Miami, Florida, “The Golden Girls” followed the fictional lives of what some fans referred to as the most fabulous female roommates to ever grace the stage. Most scenes were filmed in the kitchen, where the women prepared meals and dined. Widower Blanche Devereaux invited divorcee Dorothy Zbornak and two other widows, Sophie Petrillo and Rose Nylund, to move into her home. It did not take long for the women to realize their lives would never be the same.

The Cast

The Golden Girls was incredibly popular in the mid-80s and early 90s. In total, the series had 180 episodes and seven seasons. There was a lot to like about the show, but the cast was unlike anything else on television. The leading characters from the show include Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia.


Estelle Getty portrays Sophia, who is Dorothy’s mother. She was born in Sicily but ended up in New York after running from an arranged marriage. Sophia has a heart attack and moves into the Shady Pines retirement center. However, she will soon move in with her daughter, Rose and Blanche. She was a popular member of The Golden Girls, thanks to her witty dialogue.


This Southern Belle works at a local art museum. She was born into a wealthy family near Atlanta. Blanche isn’t the nicest character, but she always brings drama to the story. She is considered self-centered and self-absorbed. Furthermore, he is always eager to find another man to hang out with.


Rose Nylund was portrayed by the iconic Betty White. The Norwegian American was raised in Minnesota. Rose added comedy to the series because she often told funny stories about growing up in St. Olaf. Rose is loyal and naïve.


Dorothy was played by Bea Arthur. The substitute teacher was born in Brooklyn. When she was in high school, she got pregnant and married Stanley. Nevertheless, the couple divorced after 38 years when Stan decided to marry a much younger flight attendant. Dorothy tends to be wiser than her friends and often helps them deal with their troubles.

About The Test

The Golden Girls test was created by long-time fans of the series who know the characters incredibly well. Users only need to answer a few basic questions to find out which girl they’d be. The questions are not intrusive, so the user’s identity will be protected.

The quiz can be completed in minutes so you can identify your Golden Girl right away.

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Match With Your Golden Girl

The Golden Girls are popular because they have diverse attitudes and personalities. You may enjoy watching these women mingle and argue about the silliest things. Are you curious to find out “Which Golden Girl are you”? The available quiz is going to make it easy to match your personality to one of the members of the cast.

You just have to complete the test by providing a few simple answers. Don’t worry because your privacy will not be violated. The provided answers will be used to evaluate your personality so it can be matched to the closest Golden Girl. Be sure to get your friends to complete the quiz because they’ll want to know which Golden Girl they are as well.



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