Which Euphoria Character Are You? Personality Match

which euphoria character are you

Euphoria is a series that portrays the complicated everyday life of American teenagers. This production caused quite a stir not only in the United States but also around the world. Did the show’s creators manage to portray Generation Z, or is it a somewhat mock realism? We’re leaving this question to the fans, but let’s focus on our latest quiz – Which Euphoria character are you? You can get matched with Rue, Jules, Chris, Maddy, and others.

The hit HBO series by Sam Levinson is primarily about interesting characters. We haven’t gotten to know many of them so far, and they haven’t received as much attention as in other series, but they’re still very well presented. Rue, Jules, Cassie, Nate, Ethan, Maddy, and Chris – each try to deal with their worries. Excellently, Euphoria presents the way of looking at the world of today’s teenagers and the problems they are struggling with.

The young actors appearing in the series deserve praise above all. The main character, 17-year-old Rue, narrates the stories of all the most important characters. From childhood, Rue is accompanied by various fears, which, in her adult life, she tries to drown out with stimulants.

The girl meets Jules, a transgender girl who is her opposite. However, Jules also has a lot of problems, which makes the girls become friends, and Rue’s life changes by 180 degrees.

If you came here by chance and haven’t seen Euphoria or any other youth series before, the HBO series might be a good start. However, let’s focus on the series’s characters because this is what today’s quiz is about. So, what do you think which Euphoria character would best match your personality? Sarcastic and introverted Rue, brave and spontaneous Jules, or perhaps the confident and extroverted Maddy? 

Which Euphoria Character Are You?

Let’s introduce the most important characters of the series and their colorful personalities. Certainly, just after the description, you will be able to determine which of them would be your equivalent, but after reading the following, take the quiz to be sure.

Rue Bennett

Rue is the main character of the series and the narrator at the same time. The teenager is sarcastic and introverted. Since childhood, he has been struggling with many problems, which she tries to deal with in various ways, not fully thought out. Despite her closeness, Rue is not anti-social, gets along with people quite easily, and has a few friends. Despite her “mask,” Rue is actually an emotional and caring person.

Jules Vaughn

Jules is brave, extroverted, spontaneous, open, and curious about new experiences. Sometimes, she is naive and quite impulsive. She is a cheerful, sweet, and self-confident girl, but some events changed her a bit.

Maddy Perez

Maddy is an open-minded, confident, empathetic, and extroverted person. Also, she is direct, honorable, and often shows caring and honesty. On the other hand, Maddy is quite immature, often taking advantage of others.

Kat Hernandez

Kat is very shy and introverted. Struggling with his problems, he pours out grievances over the Internet. She becomes a little more confident and honest after a while. Besides, Kat has problems opening up to other people. She needs a long time to convince herself of them.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten characters such as Lexi Howard, Fezco, Nate Jacobs, Gia Bennet, and Chris McKay. However, the series is too short to fully understand the character’s personality. Even so, there is a chance that one of them is your personality match. Which Euphoria character are you? You’ll find out in a moment. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, and we will match your Euphoria personality twin.

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