How Well Do You Know Draco Malfoy? QUIZ

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Draco Lucius Malfoy is one of those characters who have a lot of supporters and opponents. No matter what side you are on, you can't deny that Draco was one of the most fundamental characters in Harry Potter. Despite many negative qualities of the boy, we are able to notice some positives. Since you are here, you certainly belong to the group of followers of our blonde hunk. Give our 'Draco Malfoy quiz' a chance to see if you followed little Draco's actions with proper attention.

Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy is one of the characters of the series of novels about the adventures of a young wizard, Harry Potter. Born on June 5, 1980, in the English county of Wiltshire. Son of Narcissa and Lucius, faithful servants of the Dark Lord.  Draco belongs to Slytherin, one of the four houses at Hogwarts. If you, young wizard, ever wondered where the Sorting Hat would assign you, then check out this Harry Potter House Quiz.

Both in the books and in the film he was a conceited, perfidious, and cynical character. Initially, Draco acts as Harry's antagonist. However, after some time we get to know him from a different, better side. We learn that at heart Draco is a person, if not good, then at least innocent.

Despite his outer shell of a person soaked with irony and hatred, he was torn by conflicting feelings inside. On the one hand, he wanted to show that he was tough and composed, and on the other, he did not have the courage to carry out the order given to him by Lord Voldemort - to kill Albus Dumbledore.

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It is very easy to conclude that deep down, Draco was a somewhat lost, innocent child who was, in a way, forced by his parents into contact with the Dark Lord and the operation of the Dark Arts. If his childhood had turned out differently, the boy would certainly have had completely different qualities.

Without further ado, it's time to familiarize yourself with the rules you'll have to follow in order to get a good score in the Draco Malfoy quiz.

Draco Malfoy Quiz - How to Play?

We came up with 15 questions about our blonde wizard. The difficulty of the questions will vary, from easy to difficult, tricky, requiring more thought. To even consider yourself a fan of the adventures of a young wizard, you should score at least 10/15 points in our quiz.

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Heading to the merits, the Draco Malfoy quiz is a great way to check your knowledge about the actions of the young Slytherin adept in the world of magic. You are certainly one of the people who have a wide range of knowledge, but it is enough to get a high score? It's time to prove yourself!