Harry Potter Quotes Quiz: Only A Potterhead Will Complete It

harry potter quotes quiz
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How well do you know Harry Potter? How many times have you watched the movie series? We have prepared 15 quotes from the movie, and your task is to guess who is the author of the quote! Simple as that! However, the quiz won't be that simple and easy! In order to get the greatest score, you have to be a Potterhead! What are you waiting for, muggle? Start the Harry Potter Quotes Quiz and find out, if you are a big fan of the Harry Potter movies!

Information About The Quiz

As it is said above, this quiz contains 15 questions. 15 quotes from different characters of the movie, some of the famous quotes, and some not so popular. 99% of Harry Potter fans will FAIL in this quiz. We bet that you won't be able to get a 15/15 score on your first try. You can always re-take the quiz to increase your knowledge about movie sentences and to bring back the memories about the Harry Potter movies and the great adventures of Hermione, Harry and Ron! To give you some exercise before you start the quiz, we have prepared the 5 most popular quotes from the movie, ever! Try to guess who said that. If you can do it with ease, then you are ready to start the quotes quiz.

  1. "As inspiring as I find your bloodlust, Bellatrix, I must be the one to kill Harry Potter."
  2. "He called me a mudblood."
  3. "In light of recent events, as a school treat... all exams have been canceled!"
  4. "Dark and difficult times lie ahead, Harry. Soon we must all face the choice, between what is right and what is easy."
  5. "I have no idea who put your name in that goblet Harry, but whoever did is not a friend to you. People die in this tournament."

How did you do? If you scored 5/5 in this quick exercise, then you are ready to start the Harry Potter Quotes Quiz! Good luck!