Which Addams Family Character Are You?

which addams family character are you
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When it comes to iconic families on screen, few can rival the charm and eccentricity of the Addams Family. Starting from the charismatic Gomez to the ever-so-strange Wednesday, each member of this tight-knit clan has its own set of unique traits. But, have you ever stopped to wonder: which Addams Family character are you most like? It’s a fun thought, isn’t it? And now, you’re just a step away from finding out!

The Legacy of the Addams Family

The Addams Family, originating from the creative mind of cartoonist Charles Addams, has been a staple in pop culture since the 1930s. Spanning decades, they’ve graced us in various forms – from cartoons to TV series to films. The appeal? Their perfect blend of wit, dark humor, and heartwarming family dynamics. There’s an Addams Family character for everyone, and the quirks and traits that define each one of them are what makes them perennially popular.

Discover Your Addams Family Twin

Identifying with fictional characters is a natural human tendency. It’s why we cry when they’re hurt or celebrate their successes. In all their unconventional glory, the Addams Family presents a spectrum of personalities. Whether it’s the ever-optimistic Gomez, the mysteriously silent Lurch, or the deeply reflective Wednesday, these characters mirror various aspects of our personas. By determining which Addams Family character you align with, you’re not just having a bit of fun. You’re also engaging in research of your nature, understanding a facet of yourself that maybe, just maybe, you hadn’t noticed before.

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While the creators of the Addams Family never provided official MBTI types for the characters, fans, and enthusiasts have speculated on possible MBTI types based on the characters’ traits and behaviors. Below are some educated guesses on the MBTI types for a few Addams Family characters:

  1. Gomez Addams: ENTP
    • Energetic, enthusiastic, and innovative, Gomez is quick-witted and loves to challenge himself, often engaging in various schemes and adventures.
  2. Morticia Addams: INFJ
    • Graceful and introspective, Morticia is caring, understanding, and values deep emotional connections, often acting as the family’s moral center.
  3. Wednesday Addams: INTJ
    • Intellectual and often serious, Wednesday possesses a strategic mindset, prefers to be alone or with select companies, and is often reserved yet deeply passionate about her interests.
  4. Pugsley Addams: ISTP
    • Adventurous and hands-on, Pugsley enjoys building devices and participating in various experiments, showing his practical nature.
  5. Uncle Fester: ENFP
    • Odd and enthusiastic, Fester often acts on his impulses and is eager to engage in new experiences. Still, he also has a deep emotional side.
  6. Lurch: ISFP
    • Loyal and often silent, Lurch prefers actions over words. He’s very attentive to details and enjoys expressing himself through music.
  7. Grandmama: ESFP
    • Fun-loving and friendly, Grandmama enjoys the spotlight and often acts as the life of the party.

Which Addams Family Character Are You?

Without giving too much away, let’s talk about the quiz. It’s constructed with questions that “measure” your personality, preferences, and behaviors. Answer honestly, and you might be surprised by the results!

You can get matched with Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, or others. So, which Addams Family character are you?



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