Which Shameless Character Are You Most Like?

which Shameless character are you

Which Shameless character are you? Take this highly engaging quiz, and everything will be clear. Are you Frank, Fiona, Carl, or perhaps Ian?

Showtime’s Shameless, written by screenwriter, Paul Abbott, may not have been an immediate hit, but several episodes in, it gained fame. The show is set in one of the most dangerous areas in Chicago, Illinois. The South Side of Chicago has been crime-ridden for decades. Unlike his six children, Frank Gallagher, with his drunken ways, fit in perfectly. 

Shameless touches on various social issues that plague Chicago’s South Side, every US city, for that matter. 

More About Shameless

Shameless gives insight into what children of alcoholic fathers go through when growing up in tough neighborhoods. Frank hailed from the United Kingdom, where he grew up with an abusive mother. It was almost as if Frank was bound to fail as soon as his mother gave birth.

Addicted to alcohol, Frank never had any intentions of pulling his family out of poverty. Instead, he relies on his children’s Welfare funds and various women throughout South Side for financial support. In the meantime, Frank’s children, especially Fiona Monica Gallagher, portrayed by Emmy Rossum, are left to fend for their own. 

Monica’s siblings do not share her love for their deadbeat father. In fact, some refuse to utter his name, even when no one is looking. Thanks to years of living with a neglectful father, happiness will never come easy for Gallagher. 

Which Shameless character are you? Just get through 15 quiz questions to find the answer.

Shameless Characters And Their Personalities  – Which One Are You?

Frank “Frank” Gallagher

Francis Gallagher, better known as Frank, was born in the United Kingdom to a hostile mother. He relocated to the South Side of Chicago, where he met Monica. The chance meeting, which took place at a local university, would turn out to be a game changer. 

Frank and Monica would soon wed, which would turn out to be another disaster. Monica gave birth to six children throughout their marriage but never stuck around to see them grow. Some would say, at least Frank never completely deserted his children. But which would be worse?

Fiona Monica Gallagher

The eldest of the Gallagher children, Fiona would take on the responsibilities that her parents did not want or had any intentions of fulfilling. At a young age, Fiona realized her father was not going to stand up to his parental duties. As a young girl, she cared for her five young siblings as best as she could.

Fiona carried on until the responsibility of child-rearing became overwhelming. She adds herself to the long list of high school dropouts. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her younger brothers and sisters, even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness.

The eldest Gallagher child, Fiona, was selfless, caring, loving, and forgiving.

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Carl Gallagher

Carl Gallagher, portrayed by Ethan Cutkosky, was the second-youngest of the Gallagher children. His troubled family life carried over to his teenage years. He frequently found himself in physical altercations at school. 

At an early age, Carl had the tendencies of a psychopath. There was not a stray animal in South Side safe from Carl when he wanted to put his psychopathic traits to the test. When there were no strays around, he mutilated his toys.

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Shameless characters did not get the best upbringing. An alcoholic, promiscuous, and reckless father resulted in a difficult life for the Gallagher children. 

Adulthood is not much better for Fiona, Carl, Debbie, Ian, Liam, and Lip Gallagher. It goes without saying children who grow up in poverty with an alcoholic father become troubled adults.

Which Shameless character are you? The provided quiz consists of a few questions. To ensure the best results, study each question first before answering. No more guessing; find your Shameless character today.



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