Which American Dad Character Are You?

which american dad character are you

American Dad is a long-running sitcom that debuted in 2005. Although it has changed networks, it remains immensely popular. The animated series has millions of fans around the world. Which American dad character are you? Many fans would love to be able to identify which character they would be. We’ve created this comprehensive quiz to help fans of the series identify which character they match with the closest.

The leading characters include Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Hayley Smith, Jeff Fischer, and Avery Bullock. These characters are unique in terms of personality and appearance. More about them, the show, and our quiz will be provided below.

About American Dad

American Dad is an animated sitcom that was created by Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, and Seth MacFarlane. Originally, the series aired on Fox. In 2014, it was moved to TBS. Despite debuting in 2005, the show is still in production today. It has managed to last longer than other sitcoms. The story follows the Smith family in Langley, Virginia. It features a CIA agent father who happens to be a Republican. The wife is a housewife, while their daughter is a liberal hippie.

The cast is great, thanks to the likes of Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Rachel MacFarlane, Jeff Fischer, Patrick Stewart, and Scott Grimes. The series is popular thanks to its use of farces and its surreal humor. The story isn’t always deep, but the episodes are always humorous and fun.

Viewers have also fallen in love with the diverse cast of characters. Thanks to the diverse cast, there is something for everyone.

Notable American Dad Characters

American Dad doesn’t have a lot of characters. Instead, the series tends to focus on members of the Smith family. The main cast includes Stan Smith, Roger Smith, Francine Smith, Steve Smith, Hayley Smith, and Avery Bullock. Stan is the father of the family, while Francine is his wife.

Which American Dad character are you? Learn more about the characters before completing our quiz.

Stan Smith

Stan is the father and a CIA agent. He is a Republican who believes in traditional values. On the flip side, Stan is rash and rude. He is regularly inconsiderate and criticizes his family. Although his age has never been clarified, it is believed that he is around 42. Stan is masculine and proud of his manliness. Stan can be funny because he is often so rude.

Francine Smith

Francine Smith is the mother and Stan’s wife. In the early episodes, Francine was considered the voice of reason. However, this changed as the series progressed. Francine was born to a wealthy family in South Carolina. Her parents gave her up when she was young. As a result, Francine struggles with daddy issues. Francine was raised in a Roman Catholic orphanage.

Seth Smith

Steve is the son of Stan and Francine. He is 14 years old and the youngest member of the family. The high school student is nerdy and ambitious. Sometimes, he can be obnoxious. Seth doesn’t have many friends, so he is a social outcast. His sister, Hayley, often ridicules him for his attitude and how he behaves toward women.

Find Your American Dad Character

If you religiously watch American Dad, you should complete our quiz. Which American Dad character are you? Completing the quiz on this page is the only guaranteed way to identify your character. Once you’ve answered a few questions about your personality, the system will match your answers to one of the show’s characters. The quiz was created by American Fan enthusiasts for fans of the series.

The results are accurate, and the quiz is fun. Share your results and ask your friends to complete the quiz.



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