Which Supernatural Character Are You?

which supernatural character are you
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Supernatural is a series that told the story of two brothers for 15 years. In 2020, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester completed their tour of the United States. It all started and ended with these two guys. An amazing adventure, many unraveled puzzles, and hundreds of defeated opponents, this is what Supernatural looked like. The obvious fact is that after such a long time it's hard to part with your favorite heroes. Therefore, we have prepared a small quiz for you at the end, namely - Which Supernatural Character Are You?


Over the years of broadcasting the series, there have been many amazing characters that are worth recalling. The Winchester brothers are in a class of their own - Sam and Dean are the pillars of this series. However, apart from the two main characters, we met dozens, if not hundreds, of other equally important characters. It is impossible not to mention the angel Castiel, who has an amazing knowledge about the life of the Earth and extraterrestrial matters, or Crowley - a cheeky and at the same time kind demon who was once a human.

The series was full of interesting and colorful characters, including demons, angels, archangels, leviathans, and other creatures with supernatural powers. Thanks to such a wide cast, any loyal fan of the series could find the character with whom he identified the most.

Before proceeding to the quiz itself, think carefully about which character you have most stuck in your memory with, which character you liked most. After all, today you will find out who from Supernatural will turn out to be your soulmate. So what do you think, which Supernatural character are you?

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

Without a doubt, Supernatural is one of those series where the actors played a key role. No devoted fan can imagine the adventures of the Winchester brothers without certain characters. Characters such as Castiel, Crowley, Lucifer, Bobby, Gabriel, and Lilith are so characteristic that despite the fact that some of them played negative roles in the series, they still won the recognition of fans.

But let's focus on a few of the most important characters of the series that fans liked the most.

Sam Winchester

Sam's childhood was definitely different from that of his peers. He himself is that sensitive brother who often plays the role of a martyr. From an early age, he had to deal with himself, and his childhood was tied with suffering and constant moving from one place to another.

Sam is usually empathetic and kind. It is also impossible to take away his intelligence. In his relationship with his brother, he is often the one who is the voice of reason.

Dean Winchester

Dean is the opposite of his brother. From the very beginning, he was known as a funny, mischievous person who is constantly looking for new adventures. A bit introverted, rarely shows his emotions. Dean is the type of fighter who will do anything to save his loved ones. It is impossible not to mention his love for classic rock music and for cars. Chevy Impala is a classic above the classics!


Castiel is an angel with a slightly strange personality. At first, human feelings are incomprehensible to him, but with time his human personality awakens. He was largely an observer, but thanks to the Winchester brothers, he also became a participant. Castiel is incredibly good, full of love, but also a bit gullible.

Bobby Singer

Bobby is, in a way, a surrogate father for the serial brothers. He shows a lot of loyalty and care. Bobby is a person who, like Sam and Dean, has experienced a lot of things that did not affect his psyche very well. He often used to drink to forget about problems. Nevertheless, he was always there when help was needed.


Crowley couldn't be missing from our list. He is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic characters in the entire series. On the one hand, he seems to be very polite and nice. However, his personality is a bit different - he likes to irony and argues. Crowley, thanks to his colorful personality, is able to find the opponent's weak point and use it to give himself an advantage.


As mentioned above, Supernatural is a series that undoubtedly has a lot of interesting characters. In our quiz, we have prepared a dozen of the most colorful and interesting characters that, according to our subjective list, should be there. Once you have answered all of the questions, you will no doubt be drawn to the character that best suits your personality. So, which Supernatural character are you? Ready? Let's get started.