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The Walt Disney Company, also known as simply Disney, is a company that creates, i.e., cartoons, animated movies, and movies for children but also for adults. It was formed in 1923 as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Disney made popular cartoons like "The Lion King," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Hercules." Every kid loves Disney! It's so popular that they even created Disneyland - a park where you can feel like you are in Disney movies. You can meet cartoon characters there and so on.

Since everyone loves Disney, we couldn't let the fans down, so here it is - the Disney Characters Quiz. This timeless quiz is aimed at every age group. It doesn't matter if you are 20 or 50 years old - if you have ever watched Disney productions in your life, or even better - you love all the shows of this American company, and you come back to them often, then this quiz is for you.

The Disney phenomenon

Each of us grew up to a greater or lesser extent on Disney cartoons. They taught us the most important values, such as friendship, love, and trust. Disney cartoons are a global phenomenon. It's fair to say that Disney productions are the best of their kind. These fairy tales or animated films can amuse even the greatest sadness. From the very beginning of Disney's existence, their cartoons attracted our parents or grandparents, and later on, they attracted us. Now our children watch them, and in the future, the next generations will enjoy Disney's productions and watch them with fascination. Who doesn't know the resourceful Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh who would do everything for honey? Everyone knows these fantastic fairy tales, and most of us grew up on them.

In its huge base, Disney has productions for boys and girls, as well as for girls themselves. Which of you don't know the Disney Princesses? These beautiful women are often the authorities of many girls. Each princess is distinguished by different character traits; some are brave, others rather withdrawn, some are rich, and others poor. However, despite adversities, they have one common denominator - all of them are happy at some point in their lives.

Would you like to know which princess suits you best when it comes to appearance and character? Check out this quiz; it will answer the question of which Disney princess you are.

Disney - Trivia

Such a huge film company as Disney has already lived through its existence practically everything from its beginnings, through its falls, to its final success; such a rich history has left many interesting facts and unexplained puzzles. We will present some of them before starting the Disney characters quiz.

Disney's Mickey Mouse is known around the world. The character has a long and undoubtedly interesting story of the hero himself. As you can guess, Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney himself. While making the character, the author was supposed to call the effeminate mouse Mortimer, but eventually, his wife knocked the idea out of his head, and the character is still called Mickey to this day.

Walt Disney, lying on his deathbed, mentioned Kurt Russell, known mainly for the roles of tough guys in American films. At the time of Walt Disney's death, Kurt Russell was a small, unknown, thriving actor playing in a Disney studio. What the great artist meant by saying goodbye to life remains a mystery to this day.

Disney executives showed a dubious sense when they decided to fire John Lasseter from his job because of too much emphasis on the use of computer animations in cartoons. After his dismissal, John decided to start his own business under the name Pixar, which was bought by his former employer a few years later.

Sit Back And Move Into The Magical World Of Disney With Our Characters Quiz

Due to the fact that everyone knows Disney cartoons, we decided to increase the difficulty of our quiz slightly. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting to the final page of the Disney Characters quiz, you have to answer every question correctly. That's not all, of course. If you answer any of the questions wrong, you will be taken back to question number one, so think twice before selecting your answer.

The quiz consists of 10 questions. Each question will be presented with a picture of a character, and your task is to guess the name of this character. There are 4 answers to choose from, of which, of course, only one is correct. Will this quiz be a piece of cake for you? Jump in and do your best! Good luck!

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