Which Ted Lasso Character Are You?

which Ted Lasso character are you

Introduced in 2020, Ted Lasso is an engaging American sports-comedy show that has captured audiences worldwide. The show revolves around Ted Lasso, an American football coach, who unexpectedly lands a job coaching a faltering English soccer team, even though he’s unfamiliar with the game. This intriguing setup sparks a series of comedic situations and endearing character developments. So, which Ted Lasso character are you? We have a quiz for that!

The Heart of AFC Richmond

Ted Lasso has masterfully spun the story of AFC Richmond, a soccer team not exactly topping the league tables. Their solution? Hire an American football coach to change the tides. The show delves into the sport and the diverse personalities that make up the team and its management.

Ted Lasso

Ted, the titular character, is unapologetically optimistic. He is known for his infectious enthusiasm, warmth, and humorous take on challenges. A stark contrast to the competitive world of soccer, his unique approach to coaching and life offers fresh perspectives and endless laughs.

Rebecca Welton

Rebecca Welton, the formidable owner of AFC Richmond, has her reasons for hiring Ted. Her character is layered with strength, vulnerability, and wit. As the series progresses, viewers witness her evolution from a stern businesswoman to a more compassionate individual.

Roy Kent

Roy Kent is the seasoned, grumpy, and intimidating captain of AFC Richmond. With a heart of gold beneath his rough exterior, Roy is fiercely protective of his team and has a soft spot for his young niece, Phoebe. His no-nonsense approach is a stark contrast to Ted’s sunny disposition.

Keeley Jones

Keeley, the bubbly public relations expert, is much more than meets the eye. While she first appears as the typical girlfriend of a star player, her character depth reveals a sharp, loyal, and ambitious woman who builds genuine friendships with those around her.

Coach Beard

Coach Beard, Ted’s right-hand man, is a man of few words. His silent demeanor contrasts sharply with Ted’s talkative nature. Despite his reserved nature, Coach Beard’s intelligence, understanding of soccer, and loyalty to Ted are evident throughout the series.

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Discover Your AFC Richmond Persona

Which Ted Lasso character are you? Discovering your AFC Richmond persona can be a fun and enlightening experience. It’s about the sport, the personalities, the challenges, and the moments that define each character.

Our quiz offers a unique opportunity to determine which character you align with most. Crafted by dedicated fans of Ted Lasso, this quiz is designed to provide an accurate reflection of your personality in the context of the show’s characters. Answer the questions honestly, and you might be surprised by the results. Don’t forget to share your results with friends and see if they agree with your AFC Richmond alter ego!



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