Which Modern Family Character Are You?

Which Modern Family Character Are You

Are you in a curious mood about which Modern Family character you are? We’re about to feed your curiosity! This quiz has been curated by experts who’ve binged every episode of Modern Family, understanding the complexities of each character and their unique natures. They’ve harnessed this expertise to establish links between different personalities and the show’s characters.

Before jumping into the quiz, let’s get a brief insight into the world of Modern Family.

Get to Know Modern Family

Modern Family is a mockumentary sitcom that details the diverse dynamics of an extended family living in Los Angeles. The show circles around Jay Pritchett, his second wife, his stepson, and their infant son. Add to this mix Jay’s two adult children, their spouses, and kids. The show brilliantly captures the highs, lows, comedic misunderstandings, and heartwarming moments they share.

The series debuted in 2009 and garnered immense popularity for its fresh approach to showcasing contemporary families, their challenges, and their underlying bond. Critics and fans alike appreciated the humor, clever writing, and talented cast. Over the years, it has become a staple for those who cherish family comedies with a modern twist.

Main Characters from Modern Family

The charm of Modern Family lies heavily in its characters. Let’s get a refresher.

Jay Pritchett

Played by Ed O’Neill, Jay is the patriarch of the family. He’s a bit old-school but tries to keep up with the times. With his younger Colombian wife Gloria by his side, Jay’s life is anything but dull. He’s wise, sometimes grumpy, but always has his family’s best interests at heart.

Claire Dunphy

A classic overachiever, Claire, played by Julie Bowen, is Jay’s daughter and a full-time mom. She’s constantly on her toes, managing her three kids and her goofy husband, Phil. Claire’s neurotic tendencies often get her into comical situations, but her love for her family shines through.

Phil Dunphy

Ty Burrell’s portrayal of Phil is simply iconic. A self-proclaimed “cool dad,” Phil is goofy, full of dad jokes, and is always there for his kids. He’s married to Claire and often tries (and fails) to be the “hip” parent.

Gloria Pritchett

Sofia Vergara’s Gloria is vivacious, loud, and proud of her Colombian heritage. She brings warmth, laughter, and a lot of passion to the Pritchett family.

Mitchell & Cameron

Mitchell, Jay’s son, and Cameron, his partner, are one of TV’s most endearing couples. Their contrasting personalities lead to many comedic moments, but their love for each other and their daughter, Lily, is undeniable.

Taking the Modern Family Characters Quiz

You’ll be posed with a series of questions exploring your personality traits, preferences, and hypothetical reactions to certain situations. Once you’ve responded, your answers will be aligned with the characteristics of Modern Family’s protagonists. You’ll soon discover which Modern Family character you are!

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So, which Modern Family character are you? It’s time to satisfy your curiosity and find out!



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