Harry Potter Wand Quiz: Which One Would Be Yours?

harry potter wand quiz
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Discover the material your wand in the wizarding world would be crafted from with our Harry Potter Wand Quiz. Are you ready for some magical revelations?

Every wizard’s might lies within their wand, a conduit of magic and the heart of spell casting. A unique bond exists between a wand and its wizard; the wand, in its own mysterious way, chooses its rightful owner. This kinship determines the strength and effectiveness of spells cast. Yet, it’s not uncommon for a wand, if bestowed willingly by its owner, to gradually attune itself to a new wizard.

Wands in Harry Potter Explained

In the world of Harry Potter, wands were made of all kinds of wood and had interesting properties. Before starting the Harry Potter wand quiz, find out what kind of wooden sticks were made.


The very creation of this magical item is one of the oldest arts in the magical world. The stick is a European invention, and while there are many wandmakers, the Ollivanders are the best-known and most experienced in Britain. They have been making wands since 382 BC, and their store is located on Diagon Alley in London. Unlike Great Britain, where Ollivander was the king of wands, the American continent was divided between four manufacturers: Shikoba Wolfe, Johannes Jonker, Thiago Quintana, and Violetta Beauvais.


Using magic with a wand is forbidden for underage wizards outside the school grounds. The exception is life-threatening situations. After the age of 17, there are only restrictions on the use of certain spells, such as unforgivable spells. In addition, it is forbidden to use the wand creatures such as house elves, goblins, and centaurs under the third paragraph of the wand code of life. Staying on the topic of spells, what would you say about testing your knowledge in our quiz about Spells in Harry Potter?

Types Of Wands

Due to the diversity of magic talent, wands are made of different types of wood, have different flexibility, different length, and a specific core. Each combination corresponds to a certain ability for which the wand is especially capable, such as spells, transmutations, or the like.


According to Ollivander, the core, or the basis of the magic properties of the wand, is best obtained from three magical animals: a unicorn, a dragon, and a phoenix.

Types Of Cores
  • Dragon heartstring
  • Phoenix feather
  • Unicorn tail hair
  • Veela hair
  • Thestral tail hair
  • Troll whisker
  • Coral
  • Dittany Stalk
  • Thunderbird tail feather
  • Wampus cat hair
  • White River Monster spine
  • Rougarou hair
  • Horned Serpent horn
  • Snallygaster heartstring
  • Jackalope antler
  • Kneazle whisker
  • Kelpie hair
  • Curupira hair
  • Basilisk horn

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Many manufacturers adjust the length of the wand to the height and stature of the wizard. But it should be remembered about the inner “size” of the wizard, i.e., his predisposition and potential. The rods are usually 9 to 14 inches long, although the shortest one sold by Ollivander is 7 inches, and the longest is over 18. The latter owner demanded a larger one because of his stature. The short wand corresponds not so much to the external as the internal attributes of the wizard, which match most often to wizards’ characters who are missing something. Many times, petty wizards are chosen by long wands.


The wand can be flexible or stiff. The degree of flexibility means the degree of adaptation and readiness to change owners. However, when analyzing the wand, it is best to consider not only its flexibility but all factors – the core, type of wood, length, life experience, and magic style of the wizard who has the wand.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that Bowtruckles often live on the trees from which the wands are made. Bowtruckles are little creatures that guard trees.

A stick is not the only item that has been matched to the personality of a given wizard. It was similar to the houses at Hogwarts, where a young adept of magic was assigned to a given house based on his character traits. How about the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz? Take the quiz, and you’ll be assigned to your house.

How To Play?

Are you a budding wizard wondering what magic wand would match your unique personality? Would your ideal wand be made of exquisite walnut, just like the infamous Bellatrix Lestrange’s? Or perhaps, the rugged hawthorn that Draco Malfoy wields with such pride? The wait is over! Cast aside your doubts and let the enchantment unfold; dive into our Harry Potter wand quiz today!



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