Which Cobra Kai Character Are You Most Like?

which Cobra Kai character are you

In Cobra Kai, an American martial arts comedy series, Johnny reexamines the “Miyagi-Verse” story from his perspective. He starts by deciding to reinstate the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo and reigniting his feud with Daniel. The series is an amazing amalgamation of humor, breathtaking action sequences, and character development. With such a story of beautiful twists and turns, it’s only natural to wonder: Which Cobra Kai character are you? 

Personality Quiz: Which Cobra Kai Character Are You?

Three decades following the final encounter at the famous 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny Lawrence, a jobless handyman and one of the main characters, is at his lowest point in life, tormented by his wasted life after being traumatized by the assault by John Kreese. However, he is motivated to revive the notorious Cobra Kai dojo after rescuing Miguel, a victim of bullying, from his bullies. Watching the Cobra Kai actors compete to see who has the most Johnny Lawrence vigor might make you want to see which one has the most similarities with your personality type. 

Answering personality questions to determine “which Cobra Kai character are you?” is the aim of the quiz. In this quiz, a true Cobra Kai devotee will have to take a 15-question personality test to find out their karateka side to match with one of the show’s 10+ characters. 

Let’s start by comparing your attributes, qualities, and mindsets to Cobra Kai characters to see which Cobra Kai character you are the closest to in terms of personality.

Johnny Lawrence

One of Cobra Kai’s key protagonists is Johnny Lawrence. He played the role of the anti-hero turned secondary antagonist in the first Karate Kid movie. He was once John Kreese’s best Cobra Kai disciple but changed his mind after learning the truth about the man, demonstrating his desire to discover the truth. Johnny’s life flipped upside down after he lost the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, and it stayed that way throughout his entire life. He is currently a fan-favorite in this series. Johnny reclaims the Cobra Kai Dojo and hires a new group of trainees as his sensei to recover his life, demonstrating his bravery despite feeling let down, stuck in the past, broke, and alone.

Daniel LaRusso

Daniel, the main character in the original saga, is a loving, laid-back hero. He has carried over his accomplishments as a young karate practitioner into adulthood by operating a successful neighborhood company. Daniel is overly protective and obstinate despite his tolerance. He sometimes assumes the role of a guru who knows all there is to know about life and compels people to adopt his paradigm. Aside from subpar takedown defense, his only weakness is his unwavering devotion to Mr. Miyagi, for whom he once descended a cliff’s edge to collect his favorite bonsai.

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Miguel Diaz

One of the deuteragonists, Miguel Diaz, is unquestionably the finest teen character in the series. Miguel, one of the main karateka youngsters, begins as a kind, innocent, and sympathetic individual. But because of what happened in the first few seasons and Johnny’s influence, he becomes a tough, rough, and frigid youngster. Miguel maintains his compassionate nature beneath his fighting persona while being urged to show no mercy.

Robby Keene

One of the recently added characters in the series is Robby. Johnny’s son, a troublemaker who hangs around with the city’s bad boys and breaks the rules, changes his life when he meets Daniel. He is also one of the two male deuteragonists, and because of Daniel’s encouragement, he learns Miyagi-Do and temporarily gets his life together. He is a charming, beautiful young man who is also intelligent.

Questions Of The Quiz

As an introduction, familiarize yourself with a few questions that await you in the quiz.

  1. Would you be ready to defend what you think is right?
  2. What would you strive for as a karateka?
  3. Who’s your favorite character?
  4. What would you do if there was a time machine?
  5. Do you consider yourself a helpful person?
  6. What do you take into account when evaluating a person?


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