Which Stranger Things Character Are You? (2023 Update)

which stranger things character are you

When the time comes for another evening with Netflix, most of us decide to watch our favorite show. Stranger Things is one of those productions that breaks all records of popularity. Characters that until recently were unknown to us today are our idols, and we identify with them. Today, you will find out which Stranger Things character you are. All you have to do is answer a few detailed questions about yourself and go through various fictional situations we will present. 

It is fascinating that we can find out which character from a given movie, series, or fairy tale best suits our personality. Personality quizzes are a great way to kill boredom or spend your free time. Thanks to quizzes such as “Which Stranger Things Character Are You,” we can play the role of the series character for a moment and feel like him for a short while. We can enter the dark world, specifically the small town of Hawkins, where strange things are happening. Before starting the quiz, ask yourself which Stranger Things character resembles you the most.

Our Quiz Reveals Which Stranger Things Character You Are

Today is your lucky day! You will finally find out which Stranger Things character is your soulmate. However, before you start the quiz, get to know the main characters of this production. You will draw one of them today, and you will be able to identify with him. Pretty cool, right?


By far the most popular choice among fans. The main character of the hit series. She is a bit lost at first, but over time, she gains confidence, and her character is literally bursting with energy.


A young, intelligent boy who knows what he wants. He pretends to be the group leader and shows that he can do anything to keep his friends safe.


The character who has survived the most so far. Will struggles with bad luck right from the start. He is a bit shy and withdrawn but also devoted to his friends.


Daring but a little wary. Lucas knows people and can see very quickly who has evil intentions.


A seemingly innocent-looking boy. It’s good that these are just appearances! Dustin can show his claw when forced to do so. He will do anything for his friends.

Jim Hopper

Mr. policeman. Tough, fierce, and always alert. On the one hand, he is a big guy but a teddy bear inside.

Nancy Wheeler

A beautiful young girl, somewhat lost. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants, but she’s on the right path with the help of family and friends.

Steve Harrington

Daring and always cheerful. He can find a way out of even the most difficult situations. Perhaps, in the beginning, the fans did not like him very much, but with time it changed dramatically.

Those mentioned above are only some of the characters available in the quiz. If you don’t see your favorite character in the list above, then don’t worry; it has certainly been included. Don’t hesitate any longer. Sit back, relax, and start the quiz. Eventually, you’ll find your Stranger Things alter ego.



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