Stranger Things Quiz: Only For The Biggest Fans!

Stranger Things Quiz

stranger things quiz

Stranger Things is a series that won the hearts of fans around the world. Do you think you know everything about this Netflix TV show? In this Stranger Things Quiz, you will have the chance to test your knowledge about the small town of Hawkins and all the strange things that are happening in it. Do you know what happened to Will Byers? Is the mysterious girl named Eleven the key to the puzzle? Start the quiz and try to get the maximum score!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the original Netflix series created in 2016 by two brothers - Matt and Ross Duffer. The series is set in the 1980s. A boy named Will disappears in a small town named Hawkins. His mother Joyce, the town's sheriff Jim Hopper and his three best friends take part in the search for the boy. It is his three friends who one day meet a mysterious girl who has 011 tattooed on her forearm. Nobody realizes that this is just the beginning of mysterious and supernatural events that will take place in the town. What will happen next? How will it all end? Start the quiz now if you have solved the mystery!

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Stranger Things Quiz - How to Play?

This quiz consists of 15 questions. The questions will apply to each season that has been broadcast so far. To pass this quiz with maximum score, you must be very observant and know literally everything about Stranger Things, the town of Hawkins and the things that are happening in it. If you think this quiz will not be a problem for you, then think carefully. Maybe refresh the most important episodes of the series and come back again? Only the biggest fans of this series will be able to get the maximum score! Are you ready? Good luck!