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“Stranger Things” has bewitched audiences worldwide, claiming a fervent fan base that can’t get enough of this Netflix sensation. Are you one of them? Do you pride yourself on your encyclopedic knowledge of this captivating show? If so, our Stranger Things quiz is your ultimate battleground. Prepare to test your mettle against a barrage of questions all about the characteristic town of Hawkins and the mind-bending occurrences within its boundaries. 

Can you unravel the mystery behind Will Byers’ disappearance? Is enigmatic Eleven the missing piece of this cryptic jigsaw? It’s time to step up to the plate, kickstart the quiz, and shoot for a perfect score. But wait, before you dive headfirst into this exciting trivia challenge, let’s take a moment to journey through the beguiling narrative that is “Stranger Things.” Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the original Netflix series created in 2016 by two brothers – Matt and Ross Duffer. The world premiere of the first season took place on July 15, 2016. The series is set in the 1980s. A boy named Will disappears in a small town called Hawkins. His mother, Joyce, the town’s sheriff Jim Hopper and his three best friends – Mike, Lucas, and Dustin take part in the search for the boy. One day, his three friends meet a mysterious girl with 011 tattooed on her forearm. Nobody realizes that this is just the beginning of bizarre and supernatural events that will take place in the town. What will happen next? How will it all end? Start the Stranger Things quiz now if you have solved the mystery!

There is no denying that Stranger Things is currently probably the most popular Netflix series. Netflix is ​​even identified with Stranger Things. A considerable number of people are waiting impatiently for the next season. Meanwhile, what do you say about taking up a Squid Game characters quiz

What Happened in Season 4?

Get ready for a thrill ride as we journey back to the world of “Stranger Things”! The fourth season of this gripping series has just wrapped up, and fans are left in awe. This remarkable season is filled with bone-chilling revelations, nail-biting suspense, and heart-stopping turns of events that fans couldn’t have anticipated.

Season 4 starts with an eerie flashback to 1979, where we see Dr. Brenner experimenting on children in his laboratory. Tragically, all except Eleven perish in an incident. Fast forward to 1986, and the story continues six months after the events of season 3. Familiar faces like Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven have relocated to sunny California, where they are dealing with their demons.

Revisit the epic journey of “Stranger Things” Season 4 with the Stranger Things quiz, an excellent way to remember all the high-stakes moments. Additionally, find out which Stranger Things character you align with most in this universe through our personality quiz. With the palpable excitement surrounding the show’s future, one thing’s for certain: We’re not in Hawkins anymore.

Stranger Things Quiz – How To Play?

Ready to prove you’re the ultimate “Stranger Things” fan? Brace yourself for our nail-biting quiz comprising 15 mind-boggling questions that delve into every season that’s graced your screens so far.

Think you can ace this without breaking a sweat? Think again. Perhaps it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the series’ most pivotal moments before diving headfirst into this quiz. Remember, the insidious Demogorgon is waiting, ready to pounce on your slightest mistake. One wrong answer, and you could find yourself trapped in the eerie Upside Down for eternity.

Questions Preview

1. In which fictional town does the show take place?
  1. Houston
  2. Hanford
  3. Hawkins
  4. Hamilton
2. How old is Will Byers in season one, when he dissapears?
  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 13
  4. 14
3. In the first episode of the series, four friends including Will were playing a fantasy tabletop RPG game. What is the name of it?
  1. Dungeons & Dragons
  2. Blades in the Dark
  3. Bubblegumshoe
  4. Star Trek Adventures
4. What was Kali's number at the Hawkins Lab?
  1. 012
  2. 007
  3. 010
  4. 008
5. What is the alternate dimension in Stranger Things named?
  1. Strangers In
  2. Demogorgon
  3. Mind Flayer
  4. The Upside Down
6. What is Eleven's birth name?
  1. Jane Hopper
  2. Jane Ives
  3. Jane Byers
  4. Jane Wheeler
7. Who was the second person captured and killed by the Demogorgon?
  1. Barbara Holland
  2. Bob Newby
  3. Heather Holloway
  4. Billy Hargrove
8. Who is this?
  1. Keith
  2. Mick
  3. Earl
  4. Gary
9. In what year does the third season take place?
  1. 1983
  2. 1985
  3. 1984
  4. 1982
10. What is Eleven's favorite food?
  1. Maple Syrup
  2. Eggo Waffles
  3. French Fries
  4. Strawberry Ice Cream
11. Who said this?
  1. Jim Hopper
  2. Joyce Byers
  3. Steve Harrington
  4. Billy Hargrove
12. Which one isn't Wills alias?
  1. Will the Wise
  2. Zombie Boy
  3. The Spy
  4. Dead Boy
13. How did Jim Hopper's daughter die?
  1. Killed by The Demogorgon
  2. Cancer
  3. She didn't die
  4. Suicide
14. Where was The Demogorgon killed?
  1. Byers house
  2. Public Library
  3. Mr. Clarke's classroom
  4. Hawkins National Laboratory
15. What happens to Eleven when she uses her power?
  1. She loses consciousness
  2. Her nose bleeds
  3. Her eyes turn red
  4. She dissapears


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