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which heartstopper character are you

An excellent cast, an unusual amount of sentimentality, an LGBT theme, and something magical. These are just a few of the positive aspects of Netflix’s teen series called Heartstopper, based on the Alice Oseman comic book. If we had to choose one word with which to describe this production, it would be “charming.” This word perfectly captures the atmosphere of the story about two boys who fall in love with each other. The characters are an essential element of this series, which would be worth dwelling on for a while. Indeed you are here to find out the answer to the question on your mind, namely – which Heartstopper character are you? So we invite you, as standard, to an exciting read, after which you will have nothing left to do but solve our quiz.

Everything in the world written by Oseman seems surmountable. Heartstopper is an excellent series for people who need an escape from reality. It has everything required for that. The gentleness inherent in the characters, the vulnerability, the power of friendship, and that little bit of magic. These are all things that give the series a fantastic atmosphere. Which Heartstopper character are you? The shy Charlie? The caring Tao? Enthusiastic Issac?

Which Heartstopper Character Are You?

In the Netflix production, we can see many young actresses and young actors. Characters like Nick, Charlie, Tao, Tori, and Ben appear on the screen. Each of them stands out with their individualities and colorful personalities. So let’s move on to their character traits.


Charlie Spring is one of the main characters of the series. He is a kind, empathetic, loving teenager. Nick says that Charlie tends to apologize and is distinguished by his togetherness. He is sometimes nervous and analytical.


Nick Nelson is the boyfriend of the aforementioned Charlie. Contrary to initial appearances, the teenager is lovely, kind, polite, and open to every new person he meets. However, due to his young age, he is not entirely confident and is sometimes confused and unsure about certain things.


Tao Xu is characterized by his caring nature and willingness to help selflessly. The teenager has a somewhat loud personality, which does not always go over well. He is sometimes distrustful of new people he meets.


Tori Spring is characterized by a somewhat pessimistic view of the world. Her introverted personality does not help in this aspect. She can be cynical and complacent. She makes the appearance of being insensitive and not very empathetic; however, in reality, she cares about her loved ones.

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How To Play The Quiz? What Kind Of Results Should I Expect?

This personality test is a fascinating way to determine which character is your mental counterpart. All you have to do is answer 15 questions. Each of them will analyze your personality in-depth to make a final match between one of the Hearstopper characters and you.

So there is nothing stopping you from sitting back and letting your imagination run wild. You will find out which character perfectly reflects your nature in just a short while. Who do you think it will be? You undoubtedly have your favorite star, without whom this series could not exist. Ready?



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