QUIZ: Which Helluva Boss Character Are You?

which helluva boss character are you
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The 2020 musical, Helluva Boss, was co-written by American comedian Brandon Rogers and American illustrator Vivienne Medrano. The animated series utilizes scripts of an adult nature. Which Helluva Boss character are you? Take the quiz to find out.

About Helluva Boss

Helluva Boss follows the lives of “Immediate Murder Professionals” (I.M.P.) workers. The company is headquartered in Hell, not the most savory place on Earth. 

I.M.P. employees rely on Stolas’ ancient book to reach the world of humans. Demons delegate tasks to the workers to fulfill in the human world. Some tasks are as demonic as assassination. Other tasks are as simple as being a bodyguard.

Which Helluva Boss character are you? Take the short quiz to find out.

Moxxie “Mox” Knolastname

Moxie, an Imp Demon, is a reputable bisexual assassin. Mox’s most notable feature is his slender, curvy tail with a pointy tip. Everything about Mox speaks volumes about his personality.

Mox loves it when his mother dotes attention on him. He enjoys the opera and the theater. Unlike other I.M.P. workers, Mox is not fond of theme parks, especially mascot performers in bulky costumes and masks.


Blitzo is one of the most popular characters in Helluva Boss because he is the founder of IMP or Immediate Murder Professionals. He has a deep relationship with Stolas, although it doesn’t always last. Outside of work, Blitzo regularly stalks Millie and Moxxie. He is pansexual.


Millie is the bruiser of the gang. She is married to Moxxie, who doesn’t like the fact that Blitzo stalks her. Millie is outgoing and always willing to speak her mind. Although she cares about other characters, she has a deep love for Moxxie. If she believes Moxxie is in danger, Millie will immediately step in and protect him.


Loona is a hellhound. She works as the receptionist for IMP. Despite being the receptionist, she doesn’t care about anything going on around her. In fact, she is usually rude to her coworkers. The only character that she is sometimes nice to is Blitzo since he adopted her. From time to time, she will show a softer side to her adoptive father. Loona’s aloofness makes her a funny character that fans will love.


Despite being a supporting character, Stolas is very important to the core story of Helluva Boss. Stolas is married to Stella and father to Octavia. He is being hunted by Striker, who was hired by his wife to kill him. 

Stolas has a unique appearance because he is tall and thin. His red eyes make him stand out. Stolas loves gardening, flirting with Blitzo, and watching soap operas.

He hates his brother-in-law, Stella’s attitude, and being lonely. Stolas is flamboyant and classy. He can also be overly dramatic from time to time.


Queen Beelzebub, or Bee, is only a minor character, but she stands out thanks to her cute appearance. Bee is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents Gluttony. She is in a relationship with Vortex. Bee resembles a fox, although she stands on two legs. Since she is a gluttonous individual, she often takes things too far. She loves partying and drinking with friends.

She can usually outdrink her friends and cares about their well-being.

Get Your Helluva Boss Character

Which Helluva Boss character are you? If you’re a fan of the series, you’re probably interested in finding out. While you could guess, you’d probably pick the wrong character. You’ll want an accurate answer instead of incorrect guesses. Our quiz is accurate, straightforward, and quick.

It was created by fans of Helluva Boss, who have been watching the series since the pilot was released in November 2019. After answering the questions, the system will tabulate your answers to match your personality to a Helluva Boss character. Be sure to brag about the results to your friends and encourage them to take the test too.



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