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Seinfeld is, according to many, the greatest sitcom of all time. Sitcom, or "situation comedy," is a television genre that is older than television itself. Despite the fact that the then sitcoms differ significantly from those broadcast several years ago, and the genre itself has strongly evolved, it is still the most popular entertainment format among serials. The production of "Seinfeld" broke all stereotypes or conventions, additionally ahead of its time. If you are one of the fans who are fascinated by the series then you should definitely test your knowledge of the "show about nothing" by taking this Seinfeld quiz.


Seinfeld is very often referred to as "the show about nothing". The reason for the name is that the show doesn't really have any particular plot. There are episodes where the characters take the subway, each gets on a different line and experiences different adventures. Or episodes where the characters want to leave the mall and look for a car in the parking lot. That's a tiny shortcut for Seinfeld. Seinfeld Quiz will reveal if you know literally everything about this TV show.

The American sitcom premiered in 1989, and the last episode after 9 seasons and 180 episodes of emission was broadcast in 1998. The series is about four New Yorkers, Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

It might seem that "Friends" was the most popular sitcom in the United States in the 1990s. Nothing could be more wrong. The "Friends" TV show may have been much more popular outside the US, but in the United States, it was Seinfeld that reigned in those days. Would you like to try the Friends quiz?

The success of Seinfeld is really based on the fact that although the script of the series is elaborated down to the smallest detail, it doesn't really tell any complicated or elaborate stories. "Show about nothing" presented in each episode the stories that could happen to any of us, the stories about work, family, relationships, and our everyday life in general. The plot does not go in any particular direction, it just presents reality and its absurdities.

Each episode has its own message, its theme. The whole of each episode is accompanied by a dose of ironic comments, and at the very end, there is a punch line, which in most cases carries the embarrassment of the characters. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are different characters, but in each of them, you can find particles of yourself, even if we don't really want to admit that we are sometimes selfish, stingy, annoyed by trivialities and artificially imposed social conventions.

Seinfeld - Award and Nominations

At first, NBC heads were skeptical about the form of the sitcom presentation. The pilot episode did not convince NBC executives who did not think the show would ever be such a huge success. Imagine their surprise when the series with subsequent seasons became a cult hit, a phenomenon. Ultimately, over the years of the sitcom broadcast, Seinfeld received 10 Emmy Awards, 3 Golden Globes, and many other equally important awards.

Seinfeld on Netflix

Soon, Netflix will lose the rights to such series as "Friends" and "The Office", and therefore had to look for an equally good aftermath.

Netflix has announced that Seinfeld will be available on its platform as early as 2021. The series, which is a cult in the US as "Friends", will be available on Netflix for the entire 5 years, for which, according to unofficial information, Netflix will pay as much as $500 million. Netflix has signed an agreement with Sony that will allow all 180 episodes of the series to be broadcast.

Sit Down Comfortably And Start The Seinfeld Quiz

So what is your knowledge of this iconic series? Do you think you know the adventures of four friends by heart, and you have every story told in a given episode at your fingertips? If so, you should take the Seinfeld quiz, maybe you can get the maximum score, but it won't be easy.



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