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In some instances, in our lives, we feel low. We lose focus and we feel that it would be good to do something interesting to gain our enthusiasm back. If you are an ardent fan of Sex and the City, the American Romantic Comedy Drama, we are sure that our Sex and the City quiz will help you with this. Yes, as you know everything about this series, you will feel excited when you get all answers for our quiz right. Of course, it is not that you should again feel low if you cannot answer. Learning new things will always bring us happiness. With our quiz, you can get this happiness of knowing unknown things about your favorite series if you do not know the answers.

About the Sex and the City

This romantic comedy-drama series was created for HBO by Darren Star, an American writer, film producer, and director. Sex and the City is an adaptation of the 1997 book with the same title. In the United States, the series premiered on the 6th of June 1998 and ended on the 22nd of February 2004. Nearly, 94 episodes were broadcast over six seasons. All through its development, many directors, screenwriters, and producers contributed to this series. However, Michael Partick King, an American writer, director, and producer made a huge contribution to this series. Of course, our Sex and the City quiz will take you to the great and sweet memories during the period when this series premiered. We generally relate to certain emotions when we get to see certain things again. In this way, we are happy that we can bring back your old memories through our quiz.

Criticisms, Awards, and Accolades

Not just positive praises, the series also got many negative criticisms when it premiered for its characters and subjects. It is credited with helping to increase the popularity of HBO as a network. Criticisms were raised on this series stating that it influences people in the adolescent age. Also, many critics stated that the scenes displayed on the show affect young girls and women on how they view themselves.

As far as accolades are concerned, the series won 7 out of 54 Emmy Nominations. The series was even nominated for Golden Globe 24 times out of which it won 8 times. Further, the Sex and the City was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards 11 times out of which it won three times. The TV Guide in the year 2013 and the Time in 2007 selected this TV show as the best television series. In the New TV Classics list posted by Entertainment Weekly, this series took fifth place. Do you feel that you know all these details about Sex and the City now? Just try our Sex and the City Quiz to evaluate your knowledge.

In short, even though there were criticisms against the series, it never failed to grab the attention of the majority of people. Particularly, most of the ardent fans of this series were teenagers. Even present-day teenagers love watching Sex and the City.

About the Quiz

If you have watched this series when you were a teenager and you wish to get to the great memories of those days, we welcome you to take our Sex and the City quiz. Of course, you might not remember everything you watched several years ago. But, we are sure that the questions in our quiz will take you on a journey down your memory lane. In turn, you can cherish those wonderful moments. It always brings happiness when we remind of the days when we were young, without any worries! A similar show that you probably watched growing up in the beautiful 90s is Full House. If you want to move to the carefree days for another moment then you should definitely try the Full House quiz.