Gen 1 Pokémon Quiz: Can You Name ’em All?

Gen. 1 Pokémon Quiz

gen 1 pokemon quiz General Information About Gen 1 Pokemon Quiz

Gen 1 Pokemon Quiz contains 15 questions. You can see your final result after you answer all of them.
This quiz is only about Pokemons from gen 1 (Kanto Region) which has 151 Pokemons in total. Check other Pokemon Quizzes (Gen 2, Gen 3 and more) here.

If you have ever played any Pokemon game (in example Pokémon Red and Blue released on Game Boy) or watched the anime, then this Gen 1 Pokemon Quiz is for you. Test your knowledge about Pokemon world and "explore 'em all!"
Focus and try to get maximum score!

Pokemons From Generation 1

Pokemons from gen 1 are the most popular ones. Kanto Region is the first one that we get to know in the anime. It's the place where Ash Ketchum begins his journey. Generation 1 is also known as color generation (Red, Blue, Yellow) or the chromatic generation.

A Few Facts About Gen 1 Pokemons

  • Starter Pokemons of this generation are: Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur
  • Raticate was classified as rat pokemon at first (gen 1, gen 2) but then it changed to a mouse pokemon (gen 3)
  • Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon of generation 1
  • Ash's Pikachu has no gender
  • Charmander is known as "Hitokage" in Japan
  • Ash obtained eight badges in Kanto Region

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The newest release about Pokemons is a Pokemon GO game released on Android & iOS. It is a real life game where you become a Pokemon trainer exploring your area to catch new pokies or to fight in a gym. If you haven't heard about Pokemon GO then check this website.

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