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gen 2 pokemon quiz

If you are new to Pokémon, let us give you a crash course. The name itself is based on a word combo – pocket monster. Essentially, it revolves around capturing creatures with a special set of powers and training them to fight each other. The first-generation Pokémon belong to the red and green franchise, while Gen 2 is the Gold and Silver, later joined by crystal to be the Gold Silver and crystal series. Using the Pokédex, you can navigate through the generations looking at the different creatures and what power they possess.

Generation II Pokémon

Generation II Pokémon has some evolutionary expansions of families in the older generation, but it isn’t uncommon to find completely new evolutionary families. The second generation found in the Johto region has several unique characteristics. Out of all generations, it is the smallest completed one. With an addition of 100 new Pokémon and 86 new moves, this generation is the only one to have the total number of moves equal to the total number of Pokémon then.

Unlike the others, the starter usually begins while holding an item, most likely a berry. The creatures in this generation remain single-type creatures and do not inherit any weaknesses through evolution. In all the generations, there is an addition of pseudo-legendary Pokémon that are extremely strong, and some are even banned.

The second generation, however, lacks a dragon-type pseudo-legendary creature and instead has Tyranitar, from the evolution of Pupitar. Tyranitar is an armor Pokémon who can mega evolve into Tyranitarite and has the unique dark rock combo unseen in the other generations. Oddly enough, the second generation does not introduce a new villainous team. Accessing the generation 2 Pokémon is relatively easy. With the help of the Johto  Pokédex, you will be able to see the rundown of the 251 characters, starting with Chikorita, a starter Pokémon and ending with the mystical type, Celebi.

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Generation II Pokémon Quiz Information

This is a challenging version of the “Who’s that Pokémon?” quiz. To pass the quiz, you have to be a master of Pokémon guessing. Prove yourself by getting 100% on the test.

Generation II Pokémon Quiz contains 15 questions, so you must name 15 Pokémons. Can you make it to the final page? Good luck!



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