Dragon Ball Super Quiz: Can You Get A Perfect Score?

dragon ball super quiz

The Z Team Is Back, And So Is The Dragon Ball Super Quiz

Despite the fact that nothing indicated it, Dragon Ball fans lived to see another series of this well-known anime and manga. Dragon Ball Super, the third Japanese series by Akira Toriyama in the chronology of events, appeared on our screens. After the victory over the terrible Buu, there was finally relative peace on Earth. Of course, the author has accustomed us to the fact that new opponents appear in Dragon Ball every now and then, and they want to harm the main characters and their beloved planet Earth. This time, Goku and his friends have to face the most powerful warriors from other universes, all of which take place in the Tournament of Power. Welcome back to the wonderful world of Dragon Ball! We’re pretty sure that taking the Dragon Ball Super quiz may go easy for you to answer all the questions. If you’ve watched the show with enough attention, of course.

Quiz Questions

If you’ve already watched the Dragon Ball Super series, your chances of getting a good score on the quiz are high. After solving this test, you can confidently say that you belong to an elite group of fans who know anime and manga inside out. To give you a little clue as to what exactly this quiz will be about, below are some of the questions that may arise in the quiz. If you know the answer to each of these questions, feel free to start the main challenge – Dragon Ball Super Quiz.

  1. What is Goku’s job in the first episode of Dragon Ball Super?
  2. What is the name of the 7th God of Destruction?
  3. What will be the penalties for losing in the Tournament of Power?
  4. What would you call the Universe 6 secret weapon?

These are, of course, just a few of the many questions the quiz may contain. As you may have guessed, the above questions are just a warm-up before what awaits you in the real quiz. Take up the challenge and try your hand!

Dragon Ball Super – Trivia

As the author Akira Toriyama confirms, he still has many ideas that will come into effect. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that after DBS, Goku and his friends will be forgotten. There are plans for more Dragon Ball movies, and we will definitely see another series that will take place after the events of DBS. This is definitely great news for anyone who grew up with this anime and looking forward to the next adventures of Team Z.

Vegeta. This fledgling warrior has never been close enough to surpass Goku. It is in Dragon Ball Super that these two train hard, and their strength literally grows with every training. As we well know, Vegeta always lacked much to catch up with Goku. Our main character, in some way, surpassed Vegeta every time. In Super, however, it changes. Thanks to constant training, Vegeta gets closer to Goku, and at some point, while watching anime or reading manga, we can get the impression that he has surpassed him.

Virtually no one knows what prompted Toriyama to write the manga again. Probably many of you know about the not-so-successful movie Dragon Ball Evolution, which was not well received by fans. It was this movie that prompted Akira to write the Super manga. Certainly, the author did not want his work to look like this and took matters into his own hands.

Final Words

We won’t stop you any longer. Face the forces of evil and try to achieve the highest score on our quiz. If Dragon Ball has been with you since childhood, and like most people, after returning from school, you sat in front of the TV waiting for the next episode, then we have good news for you. Decide to solve more quizzes about the Dragon Ball series, such as Dragon Ball Z Quiz or Goku Quiz. Good luck!



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