Which Adventure Time Character Are You?

which Adventure Time character are you
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Which Adventure Time character are you? It is possible to find out in a few short minutes by completing the quiz on our site. Once you’ve provided the answers, the test will determine which Adventure Time character matches you.

Adventure Time is a popular show with iconic characters. The fantasy animated series has been capturing hearts across the world since April 2010. Viewers have religiously tuned into the show so they can watch Finn and his friend Jake tackle some of the scariest tasks. Over the years, the show has introduced numerous characters that have proven to be unforgettable. For instance, fans praise Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Ice King, and others for making the show unique even after ten seasons. 

What Is Adventure Time?

Fans around the world watch Adventure Time every week because the show remains fresh and exciting. Even though there have been 283 episodes since April 2010, the animated series is still exceptionally popular among viewers. While it is designed for youngsters, Adventure Time has interesting stories and characters that even adults will enjoy. In fact, it is common for children and their parents to sit around and watch the show together while discussing it afterward.

One unique thing about Adventure Time is that it was inspired by the classic role-playing franchise Dungeons & Dragons. The inspiration can be seen in every aspect of the show, including the scenes, soundtracks, characters, and animations. On average, Adventure Time receives 3 million viewers for each episode. It has been a hit with countless spinoffs, comics, and games.

Unforgettable Adventure Time Characters

Which Adventure Time character are you? The show is known for its deep characters despite being an animated series. Over the years, it has tackled numerous subjects, including sexuality. The show is overflowing with rich characters such as Jake the Dog, BMO, Marshall Lee, Ice Finn the Human, Fionna, and Ice King.

Finn The Human

Finn is the star of the show and the main protagonist. Finn has a knack for saving the day even when he tackles frightening monsters and daunting tasks. Despite wearing a hat, Finn has long, yellow hair. It is common for Finn to have outbursts when he gets excited. As a baby, he was abandoned before being adopted by Jake’s mother and father.

Jake The Dog

Although he is a dog, Jake is easily the most popular character in Adventure Time. He is Finn’s best friend as well as his adoptive brother. In magic dog years, the character is 28 years old. He has a unique ability that allows him to shape-shift. Without Jake, Finn would be in serious trouble. Even though he is a powerful character, Jake doesn’t let his power go to his head. Jake is laid back and easygoing, so he manages to keep the group calm even in the most stressful situations.

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Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of Candy Kingdom, which is frequently showcased in the Adventure Time series. Surprisingly, Princess Bubblegum is a rich nerd who manages to surprise others using her intelligence. While she knows that Finn has a crush on her, she doesn’t share those feelings and has to let him down gently. She is a compassionate, caring character that many people love.

Do You Share The Same Traits As An Adventure Time Character?

Adventure Time grew into one of the top animated shows on national television. Jake the Dog and his bestie, Finn the Human, both of whom are protagonists, partake in extraordinary adventures.

Each Adventure Time character has traits that make them unique. Take, for instance, Finn the Human, a human adventurist who strives to be heroic in every sense of the word.

Which Adventure Time Character are you? The answer lies in this simple quiz. Satisfy your curiosity with a few short questions.



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