Which Little Mermaid Character Are You?

Which Little Mermaid Character Are You

Are you drawn to the world of singing mermaids, charming princes, and mischievous sea creatures? Ever wondered which character from the iconic “Little Mermaid” mirrors your personality? We’re coming up with a question: which Little Mermaid character are you? This quiz is your chance to find out! Crafted by enthusiasts who’ve sung along to “Under the Sea” more times than they can count, this quiz is bound to provide insights into your Little Mermaid alter ego.

Understanding the Underwater Classic

“Little Mermaid” is a tale as old as time, originally penned by Hans Christian Andersen and later turned into an animated wonder by Disney. The story unwinds in the vast expanse of the ocean, where Ariel, a young and curious mermaid, dreams of life on land. With a cast of memorable characters, from the melodious Sebastian to the wicked Ursula, the Little Mermaid is a lesson on love, sacrifice, and following one’s heart.

Disney’s adaptation, released in 1989, was a critical success, ringing in the Renaissance era of Disney animation. Alan Menken’s musical score, combined with the vibrant animation, breathed life into the characters and made the story resonate with audiences worldwide.

Main Characters from Little Mermaid

Since its release, “Little Mermaid” has been a cherished treasure in animation. Let’s revisit some of the characters:


The headstrong protagonist, Ariel, is a mermaid with a passion for exploring and a yearning for a life beyond the ocean’s depths. Voiced by Jodi Benson, Ariel’s inquisitiveness and determination make her a character worth rooting for.


Sebastian, the lovable crab, is not just Ariel’s sidekick but the voice of reason in her underwater adventures. Known for his catchy tunes, he often finds himself tangled in Ariel’s pursuits but always sticks by her side.


With her tentacles and cunning plots, the sea witch, Ursula seeks to rule the underwater kingdom. She is the perfect villain, using her knowledge of Ariel’s wishes to hatch her schemes.

Prince Eric 

Prince Eric is the dashing young prince who Ariel rescues and subsequently falls for. His quest to find the girl with the enchanting voice leads to a series of adventures on land and sea.

Flounder Ariel’s loyal friend, Flounder, is a blue and yellow fish who, despite his fears, follows Ariel on her escapades. His commitment to their friendship makes him a standout character.

Do you already have an idea of which Little Mermaid character you might match with?

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How Does the “Little Mermaid” Quiz Work?

Engage with the “Which Little Mermaid Character Are You?” quiz by responding to questions about your likes, dislikes, and how you’d react in specific scenarios. Your answers will be matched with the personas of the Little Mermaid cast. After you’ve swam through the questions, you’ll discover which character from Ariel’s world you resemble the most.

Eager to find out if you’re more of a dreamy Ariel or a cunning Ursula? Which Little Mermaid character are you? Take the quiz and plunge into the magical world of the “Little Mermaid” to find out!



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