QUIZ: Which Ninjago Character Are You?

which ninjago character are you

Ninjago is one of the longest-running LEGO series spanning over 15 seasons and 210 episodes. The show stood out for its intense action scenes, funny dialogue, and relatable characters. Which Ninjago character are you? If you’re eager to find out, you can do so within minutes by completing the quiz on this page.

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, Master Wu, Jay Walker, Nya, and Lord Garmadon are some of the most popular characters in the series. Complete the quiz to unlock your character so you can share the results with friends.

What Is Ninjago?

Ninjago was previously titled Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The first episode of the series aired in mid-January 2011, with the last airing on October 1, 2022. The series was available on Cartoon Network and Netflix in the United States. Its story is set in the fictional world of Ninjago which is heavily influenced by East Asian folklore and myth. The characters are unique because they wear costumes from the era.

Even though it was an animated series, the story was in-depth, with fictional lore, deep dialogue, and interesting flashbacks. Thanks to the success of the show, many viewers have fallen in love with the characters.

Do you want to know which Ninjago character you are? By completing the quiz, you’ll know within minutes.

Who Was In Ninjago?

The cast of characters from Ninjago was diverse, with excellent performances from Jillian Michaels, Vincent Tong, Kirby Morrow, and others. Some of the most interesting characters from the series include Lloyd Garmadon, Kai, Cole, and Master Wu.

Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd is likely the main character of the series since the story often follows him. As the Elemental Master of Energy, he is also one of the most powerful characters. He can quickly manipulate and use energy to his advantage. In addition to energy, he uses katanas to defeat his enemies.

Early in the story, Lloyd is a youngster who strives to follow in his father’s footsteps of being an evil warlord. However, his opinion is quickly changed by Master Wu, who convinces him to do the opposite.


Vincent Tong voices Kai, who is the master of fire. He uses the same weapons as Lloyd, although he also has the ability to resist heat. His pyrokinesis comes in handy when he is facing dangerous enemies. Kai is easily one of the most likable characters because he’d do anything to protect his friends and family, even if it means putting himself in danger.

Nevertheless, he is sometimes reckless and can be described as hotheaded.


Cole is one of the main characters since he was in every season. The character was mostly voiced by Kirby Morrow, but Andrew Francis took over the role for the last season. Cole was once the leader of the group and Lou’s son. The only thing he loves more than his friends is cake.

Since he is the Elemental Master of Earth, Cole is a force to be reckoned with. He uses a scythe but switches to a war hammer in the later seasons.

Find Your Ninjago Character

It is easy to see why fans have fallen in love with Ninjago. The show’s deep story and fun characters have made it one of the most popular animated shows ever. Which Ninjago character are you? The quiz is designed to help you find out quickly.

By answering a few simple questions, the quiz will match your personality to your Ninjago character. It couldn’t be easier to know which character you’d be in the animated series. Remember that you’re always free to share the results with friends so they can find out which character they’d be as well.



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