Which Horimiya Character Are You?

which horimiya character are you
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So, you’ve found yourself engrossed in the manga & anime Horimiya and are curious: which Horimiya character are you? Look no further because the following quiz will certainly guide you through this fascinating exploration. Crafted meticulously by those who have binged every episode, this quiz promises accuracy that stems from a deep understanding of each Horimiya personality.

Introduction to Horimiya

Horimiya, adapted from the manga written by HERO and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara, shines a light on the peculiar dynamic between two high school students: Hori Kyouko and Miyamura Izumi. On the surface, they seem to belong to different worlds – Hori, the radiant popular girl, and Miyamura, the quiet, bespectacled boy. As their lives intersect, the tale reveals the depths of their concealed selves, offering viewers a story that seamlessly melds romance, comedy, and a hint of drama.

Since it first aired, Horimiya has won widespread praise. Beyond its engaging plot, the series is cherished for its characters. From the lead roles to the ensemble, every character shines with qualities that resonate with many fans.

Key Personalities from Horimiya

As we dip our toes into this world, let’s spotlight some characters that have stolen the hearts of countless fans.

Hori Kyouko

The leading lady of the series, Hori, is far more than just a popular student. With responsibilities at home and her caring nature, she’s shown to be resilient, kind-hearted, and genuinely considerate.

Miyamura Izumi

Behind Miyamura’s glasses lies a realm of secrets. As the series progresses, viewers witness his transformation from a shy boy to someone who finds solace and acceptance in his newfound relationships.

Yoshikawa Yuki

Always sporting a cheerful demeanor, Yuki’s optimism is contagious. However, beneath the surface, she grapples with her own insecurities, making her journey throughout the series an intriguing one.

Ishikawa Tooru

A loyal friend and a beacon of support for many, Tooru’s character is grounded in his genuine concern for those he cares about. His friendship with Hori and the complexities it brings forth adds another dimension to the series.

Ready to Discover Your Horimiya Alter-Ego?

Before you set out to discover which character you align with, prepare to engage with questions that dive into the nuances of your personality. The choices you make, the preferences you lean towards, and the situations you visualize yourself in will all play a pivotal role in this revelation.

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As the puzzle pieces come together and you stand at the cusp of unraveling the Horimiya character that echoes your spirit, all you need is a leap of faith. So, without waiting another moment, venture ahead and discover which Horimiya character you are.



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