Which Sailor Moon Character Are You?

which sailor moon character are you
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No kidding, is there anyone who doesn’t know Sailor Moon? Honestly, being a real otaku, you had ever to see this production. It’s a timeless and groundbreaking magical girl anime. It was this series that started a whole avalanche of Japanese animations in this genre. Let’s play a game and find out: Which Sailor Moon Character Are You?

Which of you would not like to play the role of one of the sorceresses? Who would it be? Distracted and tearful Usagi Tsukino, who is just starting her career as a warrior, or perhaps Ami Mizuno – perpetually lost in books? Did we miss it? You certainly mean the soulful and serious Rei Hino. Still not? 

The Sailor Moon series has this “something” that allows it to be viewed with great interest. The main success of this production is the characters – brilliantly created, human, and natural. It is the characters that make this production impossible to dislike. Let’s move on to the presentation of individual anime characters and their colorful personalities.

Which Sailor Moon Character Are You?

To understand the meaning of any of the elements of the “Sailor Moon” universe (and there is a lot of it, games, live-action, or even a musical), it would be worth taking a look at the characters of this anime. Who are these “Sailor Moon” anyway? Each of them has its own individual features that strongly influence the development and plot of the entire series.

Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon

The main protagonist of the entire series. An initially disheveled and tearful teenager who one day becomes a brave fighter, fighting for love and justice. Usagi is a bit selfish and dramatic. Also considered lazy and jealous. However, during the development of the production plot, the heroine undergoes a huge transformation, matures very much, and becomes a talented woman. Tsukino is characterized by trust and faith in people. In addition, she cares about her loved ones. Friends and family are essential aspects of her life.

Ami Mizuno – Sailor Mercury

Like Usagi, Ami has proved to be a shy girl who finds it difficult to make friends. However, as the series develops, this heroine undergoes a transformation, becoming a slightly more confident version of herself. In addition, she is portrayed as a sweet, kind, gentle, and friendly girl.

Rei Hino – Sailor Mars

Rei is just the opposite of the above two characters. She is a somewhat crazy, disheveled, and ambitious young girl. Despite the specific way of showing affection, Rei cares about her loved ones and values friendship. She is passionate and easy to get angry. Moreover, she is very strong and tough.

Makoto Kino – Sailor Jupiter

Makoto is a teenager who went through a lot in her young life. By her appearance, she looks more like a boy – she is tall and has a tough appearance and strength. However, do not be put off by her looks! Despite her boyish presence, Makoto is kind and nice. Her interests are in no way different from those of other girls her age. Makoto can show her claw when the situation requires it.

Have you already wondered which one of the above matches your personality the most? Which Sailor Moon character are you?

How To Play The Quiz?

Our quiz is an extremely pleasant walk through a series of questions. Questions that will mainly concern your personality and behavior in specific situations. You won’t even look back, and in no time, you’ll know which Sailor Moon character you are. What do you think? Who will you draw? Let’s get started!

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