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Have you ever wondered what really attracts millions of people, even adults, to watch “Japanese cartoons”? For most people unfamiliar with the genre, anime is associated with weird characters, strange monsters, and slanted eyes. We have prepared this anime quiz for all fans who would like to test their general knowledge and learn some new things along the way.

If you are an avid Anime fan, it should be your absolute responsibility to take this quiz! It doesn’t matter if you are interested in Japanese culture and what role Japanese productions play in your life. As part of expanding your knowledge, you should take the Anime Quiz that will provide you with unlimited entertainment!

Anime’s History

Before you start the anime quiz and move to a magical world somewhere far away in Japan, pause for a moment and breathe slowly. Familiarize yourself with the extremely interesting information that awaits you.

Let’s start at the beginning; what is anime really? What characterizes this species? Where did it come from, and when was it created? We will try to answer these and many more questions in this article. To explain what anime is, we have to go back several decades. The history of Japanese animation dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that the first Japanese animated film was made by Oten Shikomawe, who lived between 1892 and 1973. Unfortunately, few productions have survived in full to this day.

A milestone for anime was the creation of Toei Animation, a Japanese studio producing animated films and series. This studio is responsible for such bestsellers as “Dragon Ball” and “One Piece”. Toei Animation is also the producer of the first color anime, called “Hakuja den”.


All films are animated because it is much easier to make their emotions visible with such characters. In a much easier way, the makers of such films can achieve the desired effect without artificial-looking facial expressions and forced gestures of the actors. Another reason for animated movies is that it’s a much cheaper way to record a movie. The most significant costs in movies with real actors are huge payouts to actors, special effects, decorations, and expenses related to the entire film crew.

Animated films do not lag behind all kinds of American productions; on the contrary. Japanese shows have often exceeded Hollywood films in terms of viewership. Such productions as Dragon Ball or Naruto are very popular all over the world.

Types Of Anime

Anime is divided into many types and genres so that every fan will find something for themselves. Check out a few of the most popular ones.


The fantasy genre is the absolute favorite of most fans. If magical characters and heroes with supernatural powers are the things that turn you on the most, then you will fall in love with this kind of Japanese animation. Series in this genre are usually played out in an imaginary world with no connection to real life. The plot of this animation can take place at different times, that is, in the past, in the future, and even in the post-apocalyptic world. Cowboy Bebop can be an example of an anime of this genre.


This genre does not need to be introduced to anyone, and its name speaks for itself. The main theme of this type of anime is usually combat. There are also surprising twists and suspenseful scenes. The action is often combined with another genre, such as fantasy or comedy. One Piece is an excellent example of an action anime.


Horror is a genre for the most demanding and adrenaline-seeking anime fans. Scary scenes full of blood, monsters, and other terrible characters combined with negative emotions and fear are the definition of horror. It often happens that this type of anime is also associated with others, such as drama. Black Butler is an excellent example of horror anime.

The Most Popular Anime

When you ask someone utterly unfamiliar with Japanese animated films if they can name at least one title, what kind of answer do you think you will get? There are many Japanese productions that, despite the passage of time, are still incredibly popular. Even people who are not very interested in Japanese culture and anime can generally name them.

Dragon Ball

Who would have expected? Dragon Ball is definitely one of the most popular anime, if not the most popular. The story of Son Goku and his friends, packed with fantastic fights and supernatural powers, attracted millions of people in front of their TVs and did not want to let go. Who does not remember those times when we came home from school, and the first thing we did was turn on Dragon Ball? Dragon Ball consumed us completely. Waiting for the next episode seemed to take ages.


Another production that is known all over the world. The title Naruto is a young boy who wants to make a great career as a ninja. His dream is to become the strongest ninja in his village. Incredible adventures, a lot of fighting techniques, and well-created characters that’s something that made people love Naruto.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a relatively new anime compared to the two above. The first episode aired in 2016, and since then, the adventures of little boy Izuku Midoriya have become a worldwide hit. It is also a fantasy anime, and most BnHA characters have superpowers.

One Piece

One Piece is another hit created by Eiichiro Oda. The plot of this series focuses on the adventures of a pirate crew, whose captain and, at the same time, the anime’s main character is Monkey D. Luffy. The first episode of the series appeared in 1999, and despite the passage of so many years, this production is not losing popularity.

Move To The Magical World With The Anime Quiz

Anime is a broad term with so many great series that it is impossible to list all the productions worth watching. In addition, each person has different preferences and likes something different. You probably have your favorites that are not mentioned in the list above. Do not give up! Start the anime quiz, and you’ll find out if you know Japanese movies and series by heart!



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