QUIZ: Am I A Bad Mother? 5 Factors to Check

am I a bad mother quiz

Do you know that feeling when you are overwhelmed by helplessness and eventually doubt in the hard times of life? Although you try to be the best for your child, your motherly power loses its strength. Sometimes you simply run out of strength, get overwhelmed by anger, and do something you later regret. If your daily life is one of remorse and guilt, it’s time to do something about it. The first step should be the Am I A Bad Mother Quiz. Perhaps the problem is not as big as you think?

Are You A Bad Mother?

Indeed you often ask yourself this question. When you are a mother of several children, additionally working, who has to deal with the problems of everyday life alone most of the time, this question certainly grows in you every day.

A child is the greatest treasure and the greatest love. It is impossible to love more intensely. Every mother knows this. Being a mother is all about love. Love intertwined with fear, fatigue, anxiety, and nervousness. There is nothing surprising about this. A mom is a human being, too. Like everyone, she can have her moments of weakness. Being a bad mother is something else entirely.

So what can you do to eliminate these negative emotions and finally start living life to the fullest?

Visions And Expectations

This is not how you imagined your life. Everything was supposed to be like a picture, and yet it is not. While waiting for our dream child, we create various idealized visions and expectations in our heads. You have to realize that nothing will look like you imagined.

Clutter in the house, and screaming children, is a daily reality for every parent. There is nothing wrong with not coping at times. The main thing is to realize that this is perfectly normal. Your expectations have made you think you are a bad mother. In reality, this is not the case.

Comparing Yourself To Others

Feelings of being a “bad mother” are often born when we compare ourselves with others. Sometimes we do this unconsciously. You visit a friend who is doing great with her kids, and her day goes by just as she planned. The oil is added to the fire by the media, both television and the Internet. Everything looks perfect on social media. However, is it really so?

Contrary to appearances, nothing looks as perfect as the media creates it. Every mother struggles with similar problems, and there are times when she doubts being a good mother, just like you.

Being A Mom Is Just Demanding

It’s not that easy to be a mom. Try to look at it from a different angle. Imagine that that perfect baby photo you saw on Instagram is one of the dozens taken that day. Only one came out the way the authors wanted it to. Imagine this situation in your mind – you have nothing left to do but smile under your breath.


Have you ever wondered why these negative thoughts appear in your mind? Perhaps it’s all one big fiction. You love your child more than anything, so where is the problem? Maybe the truth is quite different, and the above examples don’t quite apply to you. In that case, you should solve the Am I A Bad Mother Quiz to get a satisfactory answer. Perhaps there is indeed something wrong with you, and you have a lot of red flags. However, if it turns out that the result is negative, you should change your thinking. It is the one that is your biggest enemy, and you are a good mother! Good luck!



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