QUIZ: What Is My Red Flag?- 15 Worst Red Flags

what is your red flag quiz

Let’s agree that none of us is perfect. It is essential to be aware of one’s flaws and try to correct them. However, a sizable number of people can’t even list their imperfections and don’t realize how bothersome they are. Therefore, we rush to help! Our red flag quiz is the perfect way to learn some interesting things about yourself. After solving the quiz, your dates will never look the same again! So, what’s your red flag?

“Red Flag” Definition

First, it is necessary to define what this infamous “red flag” is. It is nothing more than a thing that crosses us out in advance in the eyes of the other person and destroys our relationships or dating. In the simplest terms, it is a factor of our personality that is not necessarily positive. It is something we should be wary of and strive to improve. It can also be called a weakness that a person has.

What Is Your Red Flag?

You go on a date, and seemingly everything falls into place. However, after a while, your would-be other half gives no sign of life. Do you know this from somewhere? If this is a common scenario in your life, you definitely have some sort of red flag. Just how do you find it? If you don’t realize where you’re going wrong, perhaps someone close to you can answer this question. For example, one of the causes of relationship failures is so-called daddy issues.

Finding a red flag is not the easiest thing to do, but the matter is trivial once you succeed. There’s a reason we’ve developed this near-perfect quiz to take an in-depth look at your personality and ultimately present you with your red flag.

Factors To Analyze Before You Start The Red Flag Quiz

Sure, you could start the quiz right now and throw yourself into answering the questions. However, that’s not quite how it works. To know your red flag, you also need to analyze your personality and the likely factors that contribute to your failures in love. Yes, the quiz itself will present you with the exact answer. However, it won’t be very meaningful if you don’t take it seriously and think about your behavior among other people. After all, you care about love and learning about the factor that keeps making you fail to get along as you would like.

So, without keeping you any longer – if you think you are ready to know the truth and additionally prepared to change yourself and your behavior, then there is nothing stopping you from taking the quiz. Our test consists of 15 questions. Each of them performs a different function and analyzes a different factor of your personality and behavior among other people. 

Once you manage to answer all of them, the algorithm will put them all together and analyze your behavior in depth. The answer may be unexpected, and at first, you may not agree with it. Believe, however, that after time, you will begin to notice how wrong you were.

If you have loved ones who are also struggling with a similar problem, we are sure that you will soon recommend this site to them. Based on current search trends, masses of people are looking for answers to the question “What’s my red flag?” – our quiz is the only correct answer. Good luck!



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