QUIZ: Is He Cheating On You? Be 100% Sure

is he cheating quiz

Many women have experienced betrayal by their partners in their lives. Each of them has often wondered why this happened. What was the reason for the betrayal? Such a wounded woman later has problems with trust; she's afraid of starting a new relationship just because she thinks it will happen again. The "is he cheating?" quiz comes in handy, thanks to which you will be able to tell with almost 100% certainty whether your partner is cheating on you.

Betrayal is one of the worst things you can do to a loved one. People who do it are great at hiding what they do. However, not everything can be covered up.

Statistically, practically every woman has been betrayed at least once in her life. Most women find out about this fact very late, if not at all. Women who have been betrayed cannot believe that they were so focused on their significant other. Could it have been avoided? Yes, of course. Our partners very often give many signals that may indicate that they are already bored with us and are most likely cheating on us.

Is He Cheating On You?

Can the betrayal of a partner be recognized? Yes, of course! There is a very simple way to do this: you just need to analyze the behavior of your other half over the past few months to be able to confirm whether he is faithful to you.

Accusation and manipulation

If your partner has been blaming you for everything for a while, clinging to you for just any reason, this could be a sign. It very often happens that this is what the person who cheats on us does. Psychologists explain this behavior: a person who has betrayed his partner has remorse that he cannot cope with.

He always keeps the phone with him

Your partner suddenly started holding his phone with him, wherever he is? Even with a seemingly trivial going to the toilet, does he always have the phone with him? If such situations did not happen before, there is a high probability that your loved one has something to hide from you.

He changed his habits

Have you noticed that your partner comes home from work later than before? Or maybe he stopped watching his favorite series, without which he could not live without even a single day? Such seemingly innocent signals may indicate that your significant other is cheating on you. This is because he thinks of betrayal and is tormented by remorse or thoughts of the person with whom he cheated on you.

He spends more time at work and away from home

Your partner returns from work later for some time? Does he leave the house for some strange reasons? It could also be a sign that he is cheating on you. Don't panic, though, as your partner may have recently had more work than usual.

He is covering traces

Have you noticed that something has been wrong with your partner for some time? Acting weird and won't say what's going on? You make it clear to him that you suspect him of cheating, and he shows you his phone, mail, and so on. "Come on, check my mail and text messages; you're too jealous." It could be manipulation. Your partner may have a second phone or email account somewhere on the side. This situation happens very often. Men try to hide their betrayal in every possible way.

He is absent

Your man is next to you, but only with his body. His thoughts are in a completely different place. A female instinct can pick up on such things right away. Your partner then has a worse mood, and he seems to have troubles and problems. He is sad, closed, and depressed. Of course, there may be hundreds of reasons for this, but thanks to female intuition, you can tell if it is about some problems at work or if your partner is absent due to betrayal.

You are already familiar with all the factors that can often indicate that your partner is cheating on you. If you're still unsure, it's time to take the quiz. Is he cheating quiz is a specialized test that will answer your question with high efficiency.

Is He Cheating Quiz - How to Play?

What if the result of the quiz turns out to be positive? Your partner is cheating on you, and you are 100% sure of it? First of all, you should consider whether there is any way to get out of this situation. If you can't forgive your partner, take the next step, which is do I want a divorce quiz.

In this quiz, we have prepared 14 questions for you. Each question will be about your relationship and your current relations with your partner. Thanks to specially prepared questions, we will be able to answer whether your partner is actually cheating on you. Perhaps these are just misleading signals pointing to a completely different problem. However, if your instincts tell you otherwise, it's worth making sure. Start the quiz and find out if he is cheating on you! Good luck!

You may wonder what kind of questions we will ask. Here's a little list of what can you expect:

  1. Is your partner jealous of you?
  2. What's the age difference between you two?
  3. How long have you been together?
  4. Is your partner constantly complaining and criticizing everything?
  5. Does your boyfriend watch over other girls when he's with you?


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