QUIZ: Why Am I Single? Get A 100% Honest Answer

why am i single quiz

You go on dates and try to find your significant other, but it’s all in vain. You cannot find a person who would perfectly suit you and with whom you will create a long-term relationship. That’s the question many people ask themselves: “Why am I single?” a query that is usually difficult for us to answer because the reasons for being single are varied. 

However, thanks to the expert questions included in our “why am I single?” quiz, we can resolve the problem you are struggling with.

We will tell you why you are still single if you answer a few specially prepared questions. You’ve probably been wondering for a long time why you have difficulty finding the love of your life. Are you even ready for a real relationship? Thanks to the quiz, these questions won’t be a problem anymore.

Everything About The “Why Am I Single?” Quiz

Being single is a choice for some and a sentence for others. What really has the most significant influence on it? Familiarize yourself with a few of the most important reasons; you may have difficulty finding a loved one due to one of them. Before starting the “Why am I single?” quiz, here are some of the top reasons why people are still lonely. After reading each of them, reflect on yourself and think about your wrongdoings. When you decide if you are ready, start the quiz, and everything will become clear.

You Have Too High Expectations

According to many experts, this is the most common cause. It’s hard to start looking for someone if we don’t have predetermined expectations of the other person. We are looking for the perfect person who, in our opinion, would perfectly complement our personality. However, such people simply don’t exist. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, when looking for a partner with whom we will want to spend the rest of our lives, it is worth considering what we really expect. What features are important to us?

You Are Still Living In The Past

Are you tired of your previous failed relationship? Perhaps you still love the person, and somewhere deep down, you still feel like you could come back together and try all over again. The past keeps coming back to you and gives you no peace. You compare every partner you meet with your ex, and that’s the biggest mistake you can make. You must try to close this chapter once and for all and get carried away by the present.

You’re Too Picky

Each of us has an image of our ideal somewhere in our imagination, and that’s okay. However, it would be best to remember that the world works differently, and you are unlikely to find such a person. 

If something does not suit you in the behavior or appearance of the person you meet, perhaps you should lower your expectations. It is also worth learning the art of compromise, which is very important in the case of a lasting relationship. When looking for our ideal, we will almost certainly miss it, and even if we think it is him, we will collide with reality very quickly.

You Hit The Wrong Type Of Partners

Consider if all your ex-partners did not share any detail, even the smallest. Do they have anything in common? Perhaps, unknowingly, you always choose people who seem to be okay to be your significant other, and with time, it turns out that your relationship is a dud.

Your Parents’ Relationship

The reason why you’re still single may also have deeper roots. You will think divorce is typical if you come from a divorced family. You’ve watched your parents argue over the years, and you may think it’s ordinary in any relationship. On the contrary, to build a long-term and solid relationship, the cooperation and commitment of both partners are needed. Do you feel like you are acting like your parents? Think about it and try not to make their mistakes.

You’re Not Ready Yet

Are you ready for a relationship or not? It’s perfectly natural. Some people mature emotionally at a completely different pace than their peers. Perhaps you just need more time to deal with your demons. The most significant mistake singles make is looking for a relationship by force. Love is a beautiful feeling worth waiting for. Don’t be in a rush, as most rushed relationships break down faster than they started.

You’re Not Acting

As mentioned above, you should not rush with love, but you should also not break down and wait idly. It’s always worth a little help to our happiness; idleness is the worst thing you can do. Your other half will not fall from the sky and come to you on a white horse. To find the love of your life, you also have to do something about it if you want to be in a relationship. First of all, you should start with the banalest things, leaving home, with friends or family, to public places where you can meet new people. Without it, your plan backfires.

Final Words

To stop being single, you must examine your conscience and reflect on your life. What mistakes are you making? What can you change to make it better? Get a grip and look for someone you like. Perhaps you already have an eye on someone? Stop wondering and get carried away by love. By risking, you won’t lose anything. You can only gain. Our quiz is the first step you should take.

Perhaps the problem lies somewhere deep within you, somewhere in your nature. It’s not worth proposing, but maybe you should go through the Am I Asexual Quiz. Just to make sure.

On the other hand, if you haven’t found anyone interesting yet, it might be worth trying, for example, on dating sites or social media. The Internet gives enormous freedom when it comes to such topics. So do not hesitate any longer; solve the “why am I single?” quiz, and you will receive an answer to your question. After completing the quiz, start acting. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, and Cupid’s arrow will get to you sooner or later.

Familiarize yourself with some of the quiz questions:

  1. How long was your previous relationship?
  2. What’s your worst habit?
  3. What is the most serious reason for you to end a relationship?
  4. How do you get into relationships?
  5. What do you think is the worst trait in men?


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