65% of K-Pop Fans Will Fail In This TWICE Quiz

twice quiz
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TWICE is another South Korean girl band formed by the JYP Entertainment label. Like in our other K-Pop quizzes, today we'll test your knowledge of this female team in our TWICE Quiz. You are extremely lucky to be here because this quiz is the perfect way to test your dedication to this group. Are you a real ONCE? Let's find out!

TWICE - Who are they?

The composition of the band was selected as a result of a reality show called "Sixteen" in 2015. TWICE debuted as a group of nine, consisting only of girls from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. The band members are Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo (leader), Face, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

Twice debuted in October 2015 with the single "Like OOH-AHH". Already at that time, the group enjoyed considerable popularity, and it was just the beginning. As time passed, the number of fans began to grow, analogously to the albums released.

The hallmark of TWICE has always been delicate and girly styling. Each of their singles was filled with sounds characteristic for the band. In addition, the music videos are filled with pastel, bright colors, and charming scenery, although the girls have undergone a huge change in this respect for some time.

In the last few years, new songs from the TWICE banner have become a bit more mature, you might say predatory. Changing colors to darker, more complex choreography is only part of the new direction in which the band is heading.

It is also impossible not to mention the numerous awards and nominations that TWICE has received during its several years of career. We can distinguish here many awards from the Asia Artist Awards (Best Artist Award - Singer, Fabulous Award - Singer, Artist of the Year - Music) or the most popular South Korean music chart - Gaon Chart Music Awards (Song of the Year - April 2017, Song of the Year - December 2018, Song of the Year - July 2019). The girls have won a lot of other music awards, you can see the whole list here.

When you think of TWICE, you always think of another equally gifted K-pop girl band - Blackpink. Are TWICE and Blackpink friends? Yes! Wherever these two groups meet, they show great respect and support to each other.

TWICE Quiz - How to Play?

This TWICE Quiz will check literally everything you know about the girls. You'll have to go through 15 questions. If you've only heard a few songs, this may not be enough. To even think about taking the quiz, you need to know TWICE inside out. From their debut, to choreography, lyrics, music videos, and more, all sorts of facts about the band members. Do you think you can pass this quiz with ease? Let's go!