75% Of K-Pop Fans Will Fail In ‘The Boyz’ Quiz

the boyz quiz
THE BOYZ, CC BY 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Hold on tight, you'll feel a surge of energy with The Boyz Quiz

The Boyz is another South Korean boyband that is very popular among K-Pop fans. Cre.ker Entertainment made sure that each boy complimented the group with his values. Many times fans of this K-pop group have noticed that they form one big family and the energy that emanates from them while performing the songs is extraordinary. Exactly, staying with energy on our mind: The Boyz quiz is an unconventional exam that will test your knowledge about this group and define your K-pop energy level.

The Boyz

Before you infiltrate the magical K-pop world for a short while with The Boyz Quiz, take a deep breath and immerse your thoughts in the incredibly fascinating information that you are about to read. We will provide information that will definitely improve the quality of your knowledge about the new Cre.ker Entertainment creation, and of course, will make you able to score a nice result in our quiz.

If by any miracle you happen to forget, The Boyz is a group of 11 members, in order:

  • Juhaknyeon - Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
  • Younghoon - Vocalist, Visual
  • Juyeon - Vocalist, Visual, Main Dancer
  • Sangyeon - Main Vocalist, Leader
  • Sunwoo - Main Rapper, Vocalist
  • Q - Main Dancer, Vocalist
  • Kevin - Main Vocalist
  • Jacob-Vocalist
  • Eric - Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
  • New - Main Vocalist

11 incredibly talented boys who together create an explosive mixture. With so many members in the line-up, they have amazing possibilities when it comes to dancing choreographies. It is impossible not to mention the music itself, 11 voices, 11 different personalities, it cannot go wrong, it just can't. The range of vocals the guys come out with is uniquely exciting. It is also worth mentioning the twelfth ex-member of The Boyz, Hwall, who had to leave the band in 2019 due to health reasons.


The Boyz debuted in 2017 with their single "Boy". The rising K-Pop stars already have their first studio album "Reveal" released in 2020 on their end. Besides, they have already released a whole lot of EPs and mini-albums, which are quite popular. The first album that was released by The Boyz is called "The First". It is an EP consisting of 6 songs, which achieved a high 3rd place on the Korean The Gaon Music Charts. About 75,000 copies were sold in South Korea alone, not bad for a debut.


We're pretty sure that you will most likely know these facts by heart, after all, you've come here to solve The Boyz Quiz. However, we would like to present you with some intriguing facts about the band, there is a fraction of the chance that you didn't know something.

One of the band members, Q, loves to watch SpongeBob and horror movies. Here's an even more interesting fact, if we've already mentioned horror movies, Juhaknyeon hates them. I wonder how they get along during watching movies together. Perhaps they never watch horror movies together.

Even though The Boyz is a South-Korean group, not all of them were born in South Korea. Several members were born or lived in completely different parts of the globe for most of their lives, for example, Jacob was born in Canada, Kevin was born in South Korea, but moved to Canada when he was 4 years old. The same applies to Eric, who, despite being born in a K-pop cradle, grew up in the United States, and more specifically in the beautiful, sunny California.

Almost every member of The Boyz has a musical idol. Jacob is a huge fan of South-Korean soloist Sam Kim. Juyeon is a devoted fan of another K-Pop musician from the TVXQ band - Yunho. Kevin has broadened his horizons even further as Beyonce is his enormous authority. It is also worth mentioning Eric who is in love with another K-pop group - Got7.

How well do you know The Boyz?

If you have read all the facts and background information about The Boyz and there was literally nothing that surprised you, then it looks like you are a devoted fan of the band and you know a lot about them. However, is this enough to get an excellent score on our quiz? Don't be overconfident as at the end of The Boyz quiz you can pick your jaw off the floor and your head will be bustling with the thought "I had no idea about it". Be sure that this quiz will require you extraordinary mental effort, combined with K-pop fantasy and, above all, knowledge about The Boyz. What are you still waiting for? Jump in!